Box has fruit wrapping paper feline be bored with, the waste

Published on 2019-12-10
Recently, netizen newspaper stuff says, when terminal market of fruit of the Bu in Xiamen buys a fruit, the businessman installs a fruit with cement paper box actually. Go investigating before the reporter, did not discover the condition that netizen place says, install fruity box nevertheless or hiding a secret. One installed the box of 8 mango, 13 jins many say when to weighing, be in inn, real weight makes an appointment with 12 jins. Eliminate paper box, light is box the shredded paper in waste paper that does not use completely adds up heft 1.94 jins, and weight of awn fructification border just 8 jins many.
   Cement paper box is little nowadays, there is feline be bored with in mango box
Much at 4 o’clock on May 14 afternoon, the reporter comes to terminal market of fruit of the Bu in Xiamen. Examined the near future on the market randomly relatively often sell, wait for fruity paper box like Hami melon, watermelon, mango, the circumstance of cement of the perfusion in the case of paper box bar that did not discover the netizen is mirrorred however.
▲ says to weigh afresh to mango, fact is heavy 5.95 kilograms
There is thick shredded paper in mango box
According to an environmental sanitation that sweeps this market all the year round labour discloses, cement paper box is from what come over directly over there upriver jobber, but also some of businessman can contact the plant that makes cement paper case technically, undertake machining custom-built. Subsequently, the reporter finds a reject inside the market to buy a station. Right now, a middleaged eldest sister is clearing away paper box. The reporter enquires the paper case that whether has perfusion cement with wanting to do the butcher identity of fruit business, she tells a reporter, there is the paper case that there is perfusion cement really in market of period of time before.
This eldest sister says, still can go to inside the market the waste paper with the very heavy stuff in fruit box. She says, install the box of mango and watermelon, among them cat be bored with meets many a little bit. She still shows the waste paper that receives the reporter to look, fold the white coarse paper of A4 paper size, look not heavy, electronic balance shows have fully 1 jin.
   The mango that buy box is little1Many jins, have in box about2Jin waste paper
The reporter walked into inn of a fruit randomly, open mango box, fill up below mango is thick waste paper, lying between waste paper, cannot see below whether to still have anything else. The reporter expresses to want to buy one box mango, the boss carried 8 from inside the mango that opens box mosaic one box. When closing case, the boss will fold thick waste paper to be put on mango again.
Add up to a case to say, weigh 13.15 jins. Press every jins 6 yuan calculate, altogether is 78 yuan many, buy with 75 yuan after reporter bargain. Subsequently, why should reporter inquiry fold that waste paper is put into fruit box. The boss says, case come over over there jobber even if install so from upper reaches. If “ is odd the fruit that buy awn, it is 10 yuan of money a jin, if buy one entire case,calculate 6 yuan of fund a jin. She tells ” the reporter, the paper box that installs mango wants 4 yuan of money, can reclaim repeated usage.
That evening the reporter says to weigh afresh with electronic balance, discover 1.25 jins what say than inn-keeper became little, gross weight is 11.9 jins only.
Open the reporter after packing to discover: ? Now relatively clique of widow of brigade slave-girl enough channel holds  of sword of Duo of dusk of cape you  to show thick?.94 of swan of leisurely of outskirt of glue bald Duo jin, paper box weighs 1.74 jins, mango is suttle only if 8.22 jins of —— calculate by actual unit price, every jins of mango is 9.75 yuan. That is to say, connect a case to be bought together, although just 6 yuan a jin, but not be short of jin short below the premise of two, the client should be paper box and waste paper actually to pay 22 yuan.
   Requirement businessman controls oneself, add fair balance
According to the case that the reporter provides, yesterday morning, the market before the hall supervised terminal market of fruit of the Bu in managing a staff member to be opposite to begin spot platoon to check. Before the reporter follows, go to.
Sign up for the problem of cement paper box of makings in the light of the netizen, the staff member undertakes to the fruit box of different sort platoon of one by one is checked, but did not discover paper box is discrepant constant. To the problem of weightening finish of waste paper of mango box fill, zhang Xiaoling of this assistant director says, because case and the fruit unit price that do not have case differ, consumer can choose to buy, but the case does not eliminate again is to carry what need undertakes to pack, want judgement to whether involve consumption at present con evidence is scant. But she also says, this unexpectedlies flavour market superintendency department can acquiesce and indulgent this kind of behavior, once have,enough evidence can undertake administration is punished. Zhang Xiaoling expresses, institute of supervisory government of the market before the hall will be farther the investigation of follow-up this matter. In the meantime, the market superintends personnel spot to return pair of market open personnel to put forward self-discipline to ask.
And in the light of be short of jin little the phenomenon of two, market open personnel will set fair level in a few crossing of the market, clew consumer assures his rights and interests. Consumer can be in after buy fair balance, once discover weight,not agree with can look for a businessman to talk things over solve.