Electric business tries water green packs frequently be rebuffed: Cost is high it is difficult to reclaim it is obstruction

Published on 2018-11-26

Before paragraph the bubbling with noise green that time fries is packed, now how? Believe practitioner of box of a lot of traditional paper cares this problem very much. From the point of current market current situation, cost it is tall, difficult to reclaim it is green packs the biggest difficult problem that face, green packs be rebuffed, that is to say, green package wants large-scale promotion, market of box of paper of tradition of comprehensive even embezzlement, still have very a paragraph long the route should go.

Data: Express brings a large number of litter that pack

As “ activity of sales promotion of business of double 12” cable is begun, express business busy season greets a height again. According to national post office the data that monitor shows, round-the-clock on December 12 this year, postal company, express business is pulled in all receive express to lap 243 million, than last year the corresponding period grows 38% .

Before a month, during “ double 11” (will come 16 days on November 11) , entire industry is pulled in all accept post express 1.496 billion, grow 33.6% compared to the same period.

Huge express amount also brings tremendous express to pack use up. Release according to national post office ” existing state of affairs of the development of green of domain of 2017 China express that pack and trend report ” show: Countrywide express used up about 3.2 billion textile bag in all 2016, 14.7 billionPolybag, 3.7 billion box that pack and 330 million adhesive plaster, use up one year onlyCorrugated paperBox base paper amounts to 46 million tons, be equivalent to 72 million trees.

Attempt: Business of a lot of cable tries water new-style green is packed

This year on November 2, the 10 branches such as national post office are released jointly ” the directive opinion that packs the job about advancing green of express line of business in coordination ” , put forward 2020 but the green of degradationThe material that packApply scale to will rise to 50% , wash out the special material such as heavy metal basically to exceed the packing stock of mark, build special express packing basically to reclaim system.

It is reported, before this, the green environmental protection that company of electric business platform, content shedding platform, express has begun to try to advance express to pack is changed.

Be in early content of wisdom of 2016 whole worlds shed a peak to be able to go up last year, dish bird network announces to combine 32 China and global partner to start alliance of dish bird green ——“ is green move plan ” , acceptance replaces the packing data of 50% to 2020, filler is 100% but degradation green hires capable person.

Be apart two months, beijing east established first content to shed the lab that pack, content of special research and development sheds the ” of “ green science and technology that pack, pass the size that reduces ability of the bad news that pack and area to reduce cost of material on one hand, reduce the waste of social natural resources thereby; On the other hand, it is to use more the new material of environmental protection replaces old stuff.

This year on March 17, to promote the development that green content sorts, content of first green of Chinese sheds commonweal fund to be established in Beijing. Foundation of China environmental protection, Alibabajijinhui combines dish bird network, and in, ripely, explain, 100 worlds are collected, charm is amounted to, every day 6 express company, throw a RMB 5 years at least in future 300 million yuan, study with what at beginning green consumption of content shedding, green, green supplies the side such as catenary, advocate, drive resource managing change with lifestyle green.

In addition, this year double before 11 advent, su Ning acts at rolling out “ to share express box ” in April, namely terminally deliver link uses the packing box that can circulate to replace paper box, express to be in can be in during “ double 11” this year 13 cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Jinan put in share express box, next year the plan puts in 200 thousand to share express box inside countrywide limits, farther enlarge is shared and pack circularly medium application flows in green content. During dish bird also announces “ double 11” , meeting combination content sheds associate and businessman to roll out 20 “ green storehouse ” , the package that from these “ ” issues green storehouse, will use the express delivery that avoids adhesive plaster box and 100% but the express bag of biology degradation.

Investigation: Green packs an attempt a few days to be gone aground

So, is green express packed apply actually in Changsha how? Express packs reclaim circumstance how?