Transition of industry of papermaking of the Dongguan that help strength upgrades, dongguan of courtyard of province spy check detects courtyard enlarge action!

Published on 2019-12-10

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In recent years, dongguan city is accelerate economic society double transition, to industry of 5 big pillar medium papermaking industry undertakes “ two tall one low ” is produced can fall into disuse. In eliminating a process, dongguan of courtyard of province spy check detects the technical advantage that the courtyard produces oneself adequately, the safety that ensures equipment of special type of industry of Dongguan city papermaking with all one’s strength moves, economy of city of the Dongguan that help strength can last, rapid development.

   Implementation key supervisory equipment hundred examine on time

In the equipment of key monitoring special type of Dongguan city, the quantity of key supervisory equipment of papermaking enterprise is occupied taller, if utility boiler is centered in papermaking enterprise for the most part, do utility boiler of good papermaking enterprise examine on time, it is to finish supervisory equipment of whole town key hundred examine enclothe the key of rate. Dongguan detects courtyard all the time since take this kind of equipment seriously highly examine, should business demand Dongguan detects the courtyard is annual force of key member of organization of around of Dou Yuchun section, work overtime the comprehensive inspection that completes major company utility boiler, main safeguard produces safety.

   Arrangement batch device is first examine

Manufacture efficiency for safeguard, reduce machine down time, reduce papermaking company loss, be aimed at the equipment that batch expires, dongguan detects the courtyard opens green channel, preferential arrangement examines detect. This year since the beginning of the year, finished early or late include line of business of nine dragon paper (accuse) the regular inspection that the enterprise of much home papermaking such as limited company exceeds 300 papermaking dryer inside, the accord that got relevant business is approbated and admire.

Discover active follow-up handles hidden trouble

Be opposite of papermaking business equipment examine detect in the process, discovered partial equipment is put in safe hidden trouble, if superheater of utility boiler discretion is in charge of a part to bend,be out of shape dryer of bigger, papermaking carries lid existence crackle and safe accessory to exceed period not the problem such as check, examine detect personnel is in inform use unit for a short while, ask its undertake handling by the regulation, prevent accident happening effectively, safeguard equipment safety is run.