The trash of the excessive generation that pack, how to change its useless to be treasure

Published on 2019-12-10

To let a product more the eyeball that attracts customer, it may be said of manufacturer of a few production is packing fluctuation sufficient time, make “ ceremony small box heavy the phenomenal common occurance of ” . In the absense of reclaim way, to these commodity outer packing, major citizen chose to be abandoned, create resources waste. Increase ceaselessly as consumer purchasing power, will naturally produce more waste material that pack, how to change its useless to be treasure, implementation is used circularly, had become the issue that nots allow to ignore.

   Gift is excessive the phenomenon that pack is common

The reporter interviews discovery, although media advocates economical wind again and again, a lot of people also realize green mild value. Be in however a few specific consumption domains, the excessive phenomenon that pack still exists.

Essence of life is carried fine after choosing, the nourishment that for the mother-in-law Ms. Zhang bought a price not to poor regards daughter-in-law as birthday present. Outer packing of this kind of nourishment box not only elegant, and carry rise feel heavy. But after opening, ms. Zhang discovers however have white of 2 caddy nutrition only, add up just 500 grams. Ms. Zhang knows this is the heart of a filial piety of daughter-in-law, but she economical always feels however some not be to one’s profit. Look at pack elegantly, consider the case that pack again nobody reclaim, ms. Zhang must treat as only put sundry recipient, also be make the best use of everything.

Mr Wang is away on official business to the other place, cake of sweet-scented osmanthus of a few special local product was bought in place. After bringing back the home, let family feel gewgaw however. The packing box of sweet-scented osmanthus cake is elaborate design apparently, there is lubricious design above, appear very refined, sample sweet-scented osmanthus cake needs to be taken out from the interlining among the box come. Inside “ with respect to cake of a few sweet-scented osmanthus, still pack independently, feel even if spend money to buy pack. The ” evaluation to family, mr Wang also feels not quite substantial.

   Cosmetic of medicines and chemical reagents also is gone after“ a person of extraordinary powers installs ”

Nowadays, to go after economic benefits, the medicines and chemical reagents of a few cure the sickness to save the patient also put on luxuriant appearance. Citizen Mr Zhao says, fall because of the head before long before, he bought a kind of invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu medicine. There are two board drugs only in empty case, shake rise “ with a bang is become with a bang become ” rings continuously. “ is gross two board medicine, the box that pack goes several times greatly than medicine however, be necessary? ” Mr Zhao says.

Citizen plum gentleman suffers from rheumatism. Below the commendation of wardmate, he bought a few plaster that treat rheumatism. However Mr Li comes home after ravelling, discover however, have only in the medical case of hand size thin 4 thin plaster, still enclose alone. Mr Li feels, pack it is good to should accord with national level only, pack so, do not have any meanings to the patient, can raise the patient’s cost only.

With outer packing of medicines and chemical reagents the security photograph that assures medicines and chemical reagents is compared, of cosmetic packing is to carry more convenient. Fall in the misdirect of ” of “ eyeball economy however, a few cosmetic also began “ a person of extraordinary powers to install ” . Ms. Li of the ” after “90 bought some to protect skin to taste. Letting what she feels accident is, the outer packing box that protects skin to taste unexpectedly with a 16 large book similar, and protect skin to taste took up only however the 1/5 area of the box that pack. In interviewing, a lot of citizens express, bulk of a lot of existence crosses bought cosmetic big, design is too complex wait for a phenomenon, say frankly such packing really very wasteful.

   Let pack trash to get reasonable use

Average household buys goods, it is exquisite mostly cheap and fine, won’t beyond the mark pursuit is packed. But the psychology that be when gift of choose and buy or stems from ” of “ good outer part, often prefer outer packing to appear “ is lofty on the commodity of ” . In the interest drive below, nature of a few businessmen can cater to the psychology of consumer. Make so excessive pack put an end to hard.

As we have learned, our country packs year of discharge capacity of litter to already occupied the 1/3 of urban solid litter on weight, and go up in bulk more achieve 1/2 much, became the trash with growth the rapiddest rate to flow one of. Because did not execute rubbish,classification and lack reclaim the reason such as channel, the rubbish of these excessive generation that pack cannot reclaim effectively for the most part use, be obliged finally to enter Tophet to be filled to bury perhaps burn, created resources waste not only, also affecting zoology environment.