Waste paper is ecbolic add of wrapping paper price goes up, other paper is tasted be faced with aggravate of competition of supply and demand

Published on 2019-12-10

1, macroscopical level

International oil price passes the perch by April dish after rectifying, innovated again on May 4 tall, highest had poured 70 dollars / bucket.

National statistic bureau announces manufacturing industry PMI was recorded in April 51.4, relatively on the moon is small fall 0.1 percent.

Came 4 days on May 3, sino-US both sides holds negotiation with respect to classics trade problem in Beijing. Both sides undertook around the problem of collective care straight-out, efficient, rich constructive discussion, exchanged an opinion adequately on a few serious problems, a few consensus were reached in some domains.

2, raw material cost

1.  Coal: At the beginning of May, look forward to of bottom of dynamical coal price is firm, but continue to show bottom trait, price of 5500 kilocalorie coal is in 587 yuan / ton level.

2.  Oar of merchandise on hand: Enter oar price continued to maintain steady pattern in May, somewhat 50 yuan / ton next v show, needle leaf oar is in 6700 yuan / ton, broad leaf oar is in 5800 yuan / ton level, outside May dish maintain basically also in April level, 5-6 month beforehand appraise maintains existing pattern basically. The yield of factory of oar of a few broad leaves of domestic can utilization rate is in 82% the left and right sides, drop somewhat than April.

3.  Outside dish oar: In Brazil, Indonesian April broadness foliaceous oar has rise 10-20 dollar / ton on the foundation, outside May dish relative stability, integral newspaper is at present smooth.

3, paper industry head

1.  Make eleventh approve list of entrance waste paper to announce, 26 paper mills are obtained batch, total approve measures one million three hundred and forty-seven thousand and sixty-seven tons, guangzhou paper mill and industry of China peaceful paper serve asNewspaperManufacturing company becomes a key to patronize a business. From recently circumstance of 5 batches of give an official looks, basic it is to maintain be in 200 tons / lunar level.

2.  Enter waste paper price continued to move in May, suffer cost drive effect, Wrapping paperRise in price case frequency goes out, of size paper mill go up thick and fast case forms scarcely determinism to current muddleheaded market. But culture paper andWhite paperboardThe market is relatively troubled, trafficker low competes somewhat aggravate.

3.  Dispatch of customs total office, carry out risk early-warning to superintend to importing American trash raw material since May 4, carry out 100% box to coming from trash raw material of the United States, 100% draw out box to examine quarantine.

4.  On April 23, constant installs a group to sign investment agreement, formal with subscribe of 11.66 million euro fragrance oar issues capital stock to make an appointment with the share of 36.46% , become the stockholder with Finnish pulp the largest mill, development of Heng Anye Wu has expanded sadly upriver pulp mill.

5.  Liaoning will be started fulfil in the round " Liaoning province used Miscellaneous Leaflet to be depended on lawfully 2018 compasses drive backward produce can quit working program " , papermaking course of study is labelled to discharge check one of keys, 4-11 month can make oar papermaking enterprise form an influence to this area.

6.  March the world 20 basically produce oar country sales volume of chemical commodity oar grows 2.4% compared to the same period; 2018 shipment measures heighten first quarter 0.3% . Oar factory stocks kept balance in March for 37 days () of standard computation means, cork oar stability maintains in 31 days, hardwood oar increases 1 day, for 43 days.

7.  Industry of paper of Jing Xing of —— of enterprise of wrapping paper bibcock predicts profit of half year net profit changed compared to the same period 2018 – 15% to 6% , this data shows, the limitation that forehead of entrance waste paper spends brings about a country to abandon the price to rise ceaselessly, already created the cogent cost pressure of relevant papermaking enterprise.

8.  In April the last ten-day of a month, half an year of last a period of time is much, huataiji is round product line of one culture paper changes 11 workshops successfully to create wrapping paper product line and throw production.

4, prices is monitored