Double are 11 nets bought too scurvy? Label allows catch of your steer clear of!

Published on 2018-11-26

Some tea specializes in inn to allege on the net, the bag mount of some tea tags this inn this tea has “ to wake up blood pressure of healthy, balance, improvement Morpheus, adjust 3 tall, reduce weight raise colour, the effect such as ” of the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, long-term and drinkable can adjust human performance, prolong life.

This conduct propaganda does not accord with Ministry of Public Health " pack food label general rule beforehand " in the content that “ should be not tagged or the suggestion has effect of disease of precaution, cure, be not health food to be not gotten bright show or allude the regulation that has sanitarian action ” . Additional, ” food safety law ” the 71st have a regulation the first times: The label of food and additive agent for food, manual, must not contain false content, must not involve function of disease precaution, cure.

The content that produces the ticket that operator offers to its, manual is responsible, “ operator provider is tasted or the service has fraudulent action, ought to increase the loss that recoups its to get according to the requirement of consumer, the amount that increases compensation buys the money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of commodity to perhaps accept 3 times of the charge of the service for consumer; The amount that increases compensation is not worth 500 yuan, it is 500 yuan. ” , buy the home to be able to ask because of what this discovers a problem cancel order, go back payment for goods, still can request multiple compensation.

Safe problem wants to take seriously

As we have learned, the food that was not entered a country by approval in countrywide port enclothed all food sort almost, but by examine quarantine branch check gives unqualified batch amount to look, before the rank 10 is respectively: Beverage kind, cake biscuit kind, grain cereal and make category, saccharide, wine kind, dairy produce kind, tea kind, the flesh kind, do firm fruit and aquatic product and product kind, these 10 kinds of products are occupied did not enter a country definitely 82.6% of food total batch. Holothurian, Spanish A straps the Atlantic that comes from Norway honey of Home Ba Zhi (ash honey) wait for import goods to exist to was not obtained respectively examine quarantine admittance, exceed gross of the expiration period, bacterium colony to exceed bid, exceed limits to use hill of additive agent for food.

Accordingly, when the food that consumer produces outside condition of choose and buy, should pass “ the 3 legitimate rights and interests that see ” him safeguard.

1, take a fancy to article label. Law of safety of our country food makes clear a regulation, of the entrance pack food to ought to have Chinese ticket beforehand, carry kind of the name of the country of origin of bright food and churchyard agent, address, connection. The food that normal commerce way imports is due Chinese label, outer packing does not have the food of Chinese label, suggest to be not bought.

2, look examine quarantine proof. Examine quarantine branch approves the entrance food that examines via port to issue “ to enter a country to every goods examines quarantine proves ” . Consumer can demand this proof to agency. Without food of the production outside the condition of this proof, suggest to be not bought.

3, see a product examine quarantine admittance circumstance. Total bureau of national qualitative check is opposite at present the flesh kind, dairy produce (contain powder of infant recipe milk) , the manufacturing country of the import provision such as material of food of sex of aquatic product, bird’s nest, casing, plant source, Chinese traditional medicine (area) carry out evaluate and examine system, production the enterprise is carried out register. Consumer can log onto a country to pledge “ of check total bureau is evaluated examine accord with requirement country (area) be defeated China circumstance of admittance of provision of import of inquiry of system of information of food catalog ” . Did not enter a country permissibly (area) , did not win the relevant provision that registers manufacturing company, suggest to be not bought.

Import wants discretion

Take cosmetic to be exemple, the foreign brand cosmetic that sells on the market at present has former outfit import, also have domestic joint ventures production, imprint on of foreign brand. Outer packing of these two kinds of products is similar, cost and price however difference is vast.

The area feeds medical inspect bureau to execute the law personnel introduction, character of sham entrance cosmetic cannot be ensured, put in huge safety hidden danger, occurrence heavy metal of the likelihood after using is toxic, allergic, affect the function of a few physiology of the person that use even. The citizen should notice to identify particularly before buy: Examine CIQ mark and product Chinese label. Cosmetic of former outfit entrance must be in every by the regulation most of subsection CIQ(China is affixed to examine outside packing the abbreviation of quarantine) mark. ” of foreign without the “ that CIQ indicates goods, may be the smuggling money with fake or unreliable character; Normal entrance product must be stuck have Chinese ticket, chinese label should have the product name, title that produces country or area, agency formerly and address, contents quantity, date to tag, bases, entrance approves the information such as article date.

The society identifies true bogus through label, discern character

Be at ease the net is bought,

It is one happy double 11!