Paper price rises profit of influence cable business, Excessive pack whether at this point terminative?

Published on 2019-12-10

The toilet paper that “ our company produces, napkin and the pulp board that brush need of toilet paper place keep rising in price, before is not to had not gone up, but resemble going up everyday recently the circumstance of 200 yuan of money, since ego is in charge of purchasing business, never had encountered. ” is in company of estate of Beijing some paper to be in charge of purchasing Ms. Wu of business to say to the reporter.

The statistical number of net of Chinese paper industry shows, include paper of art paper, white paperboard, double glue, and the corrugated paper of box of paper of the express that make and white paperboard inside products of of all kinds paper, already began to go up from the price end 2016 raise. Among them paper of art paper, double glue and white paperboard are in the price will achieve 6724 yuan for a time this year in June / ton, 7002 yuan / ton, 6991 yuan / ton. The corrugated paper that is main raw material with waste paper will depreciate for a time in April this year reach 3715 yuan / ton, but rebound quickly subsequently, in September the last ten-day of a month all valence already achieved 4564 yuan / ton, the National Day, power that ” of “ double section also did not stop to rise afterwards mid-autumn, in October the middle ten days of a month all valence amounts to 5725 yuan.

As paper value rise, paper industry appears on the market the share price of the company also goes tall subsequently. With Yue Yanglin paper (600963.SH) is exemple, came 21 days on August 8, 2017, every price inside 13 days rises from 7.16 yuan reach 8.81 yuan, on October 16, its case of every share price is highest litre reach 9.55 yuan. Up to on November 1, its share price is controlled in 8.3 yuan as before. Analytic personage says, as papermaking supply side reform is quickened, the papermaking company with higher pollution shuts stage by stage stop, the industry is spent centrally get promotion, bibcock enterprise got more market share, the scene bearing hopeful that builds chipboard piece continues.

Paper price rises profit of influence cable business

Paper price rises, the perception of retail trade is the earliest, the deepest also.

The company that Ms. Wu is in does not produce corrugated paper, but because sell an object to be hotel, hospital and school more,wait for large unit, goods quality is greater, also need to purchase corrugated box to regard as deliver goods pack, and need three-layer even quintuplicate adds large corrugated box. What “ our company needs commonly is the corrugated box that developed area controls for 2 square metre, from 2016 2.5 reach 2.6 yuan every, went up nowadays 5.3 reach 5.4 yuan every. Ms. ” Ms. Wu says.

The amount is numerous in the young shopkeeper that clean out treasure pressure is not little also recently. The merchant that clean out treasure Mr Liu of management medical apparatus and instruments says to the reporter, because his shop guest unit price and goods are monovalent taller, 10 commonly used box when delivering goods and 11 box rise money of a few horn, the problem still does not calculate too big, but the day that makes person of the same trade of daily articles for daily use not quite feel well. “ with the air clothes tree in articles for daily use or toilet soap box is exemple, a lot of inn-keeper are post of 9.9 yuan of parcels, itself gain is particularly meager, after express paper box rises in price, they do not have Qian Ke to earn almost. ” cleans out treasure businessman to these and character, the choice —— that what they will be faced with is be in a dilemma if “ double 11 ” magnanimity accepts the order, be about first the paper box with enough corner is used at delivering goods, short-term inside cost pressure is very great; If do not purchase paper box in great quantities now, can face “ only double during 11 ” come, paper box price continues to rise, demand exceeds supply because of paper box even, bring about cannot deliver goods.

With compare into the Home Xiaoshang photograph that is stationed in platform, the effect that large and online shopkeeper suffers this paper value to rise is not big. A personage inside course of study tells a reporter, large cable business is met commonly and paper box supplier signs long-term contract, the circumstance that because the change of short-term prices appears,won’t rise in price or demands exceeds supply.

Beijing east Duan Yan of controller of the project of content shedding green that pack be good at when accepting a reporter to interview, say, beijing east the partner of the choice is the paper case with bigger dimensions packs production enterprise, in paper box demand bigger “ double 11 ” and National Day, before a few months of ” of “ double section put forward to purchase demand mid-autumn, to the supplier enough time lays in base paper. Do not cross Duan Yan be good at also admit, “ double use amount of box of paper of 11 ” period is compared really at ordinary times tower above is very much, “ is actual the Beijing in applying east can use those who replace the means that pack to drop paper case occupy than. ”