Face already the paper value that demon changes, where does paper taste the outlet of the enterprise to be in after all?

Published on 2018-11-26

Guide language: The paper value since second half of the year is fluctuant, because affect the escalate of limits, caused a lot of attention. The waste paper price of the near future already “ demon changes ” , rising drop high, body of other trade public figure is being confused the bureau is more than how be good. And although show level to stem fromWrapping paperSell busy season, but with Jiu Long paper industry heads, price of before two days of base paper also appears to dive substantially phenomenon, flurried many popular feeling. Under the prices that does not stabilize in this kind, it is inevitable that paper packs industrial catenary to face enormous challenge, but, the challenge has opportunity surely, is the good luck of industry business in He Fang?

Recently, china dispatch net is aimed at paper value wave motion to save Changzhou city paper to taste fluctuation to swim to Jiangsu the recent situation of the enterprise made survey, analysed paper to taste fluctuation to swim the dilemma that the enterprise faces is good with good luck, believe this tastes industry business to whole paper for, have certain inspiration.

Price wave motion tastes industrial catenary to swim up and down to paper industry influence

1. Cost of company of entire industry chain rises

Upriver enterprise rings into umbra: Altar of upriver enterprise gold some paper industry (papermaking) introduce, the proprietor of an enterprise should produce raw material to be waste paper, waste paper of a year buys valence to turn over what the prices of times brings is the enterprise produces cost to also rise considerably subsequently. The enterprise is faced big cases fall greatly waste paper price, not dare large-scale corner raw material, productivity gets be developinged adequately hard.

Middle reaches enterprise rings into umbra: Paper of Ou Mou of belfry of middle reaches industry goes (wholesale business) , main and wholesale product gets stuck to import an ox, price of entrance of the beginning of the year was 4700 yuan 2017 / ton, 8-9 month goes up every months achieve 20% above, the price October 25 is 7000 yuan about / ton.

Downstream enterprise rings into umbra: Limited company of culture of Ou Mou of downstream enterprise new north (presswork) , the main breed that use paper isKraft, into makings price already from the beginning of the year 5 yuan / piece (250 grams) rise it is 5.8 yuan / piece; Fierce packs limited company into Ou Mou (case of the bag that make) main production raw materialArt paper, the price by the beginning of the year 3 yuan / square, rise to at present 3.7 yuan / square, highest August achieve 4 yuan / square.

2. When the river rises the boat goes up too of company sale price swims in going up

Upriver company sale price affects: Rise quickly as raw material price, middle reaches enterprise also increases product price accordingly on. Product of the beginning of the year of industry of paper of Ou Mou of altar of upriver enterprise gold leaves factory price is 4500-4600 yuan / ton, top July price achieves 6100 yuan / ton, at present price is 5400 yuan about / ton.

Sale price of middle reaches company affects: Paper of Ou Mou of belfry of middle reaches industry goes (wholesale business) wholesale product value is on basis of value of entrance raw material the 3%-5% that increase price serves as final sale price.

Downstream company sale price affects: Downstream enterprise presses muscularity because of market competition, to strengthen terminal consumer business agglutinant degree, product price rises in 10% less than. Like new north area controller of some culture company introduces, for not client of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, at present the company still does not have the plan that rise in price, but the possibility that does not eliminate later period to rise in price.

3. Different profit affects industrial catenary each different

Upriver company profit affects: Look from upriver enterprise, data of city statistic bureau shows: 2017 1-9 month, whole town brings into number of company of dimensions above papermaking to be 44, advocate battalion income 4.86 billion yuan, profit 270 million yuan, grow 18.4% respectively compared to the same period, 91.9% , mechanism paper and chipboard crop 128 thousand tons, grow 8.4% compared to the same period. With golden world region some papermaking company is exemple, enterprise wool profit margin grows 10% above compared to the same period this year.

Profit of middle reaches company affects: Look from middle reaches enterprise, controller of some paper travel introduces belfry area, as a result of it is better to accuse paper to taste price interval and stock is more 2016 wait for a reason, enterprise wool profit margin breaks up time.

Downstream company profit affects: Look from downstream enterprise, present the state that gross profit profit drops for the most part. Limited company of culture of new north Ou Mou, fierce packs limited company into Ou Mou relevant controller introduces, enterprise wool profit margin will drop 20% above, the enterprise is managed relatively existence more is difficult last year.