Oar price perch is arranged, great attention is entered annul put

Published on 2018-11-26

[macroscopical face]

1. Economic data: (Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail)

Environment of economy of macroscopical data presentation is at present favorable, advantageous market stabilizes development

PPI&CPI: National statistic bureau releases 9 days dweller of portion whole nation consumed price index in October 2017 (CPI) and index of industrial producer producer price (PPI) data shows, CPI annulus is compared rise 0.1% , rise compared to the same period 1.9% , add fast successive 9 months under 2% ; PPI annulus is compared rise 0.7% , rise compared to the same period 6.9% . The expert is forecasted, year end economy can keep steady move, inflationary pressure is not great.

[paper head]

① on November 7, morning cries group and in south medium signs strategic cooperation agreement.

Work of ② China’s greatest enterprise blame core purchases platform sunshine to imprint the free accredit of the patent of box of environmental protection paper that the net announces to open its green to be able to be used 2 times to industry, want an enterprise to popularize green to pack of purpose only, buy sunshine to imprint the product of green environmental protection of the net, lest cost uses sunshine,can imprint the product of the net is patent. Thrust green environmental protection is packed.

③ spring forest successive evaporate boils “ straw vertical selected Shandong of ” of the technology that make a starch saves outstanding and energy-saving achievement.

Industry of paper of Cheng of ④ Zhejiang flourish opens up endowment 80.33 million buy the De Licheng that make the same score a lake, the company will build finance to invest platform through De Licheng, achieve denotative type growth.

⑤ is current oar price continues exalted level off, go up situation is abate, here setting falls, the culture such as copperplate, double glue uses paper basic also and smooth, but shipment relatively delay, trafficker much apt falls library operation, just needed to purchase, White paperboardGet white paperboard price considerably influence of fall after a rise, also appear particular fall after a rise continues, the market makes the delay that cast sluggish.

[microcosmic dot]

Regard the paper that prop up as the important reference of valence, perch of this spot market of price of week wood pulp makes firm, because price is different client case somewhat difference, the market purchases enthusiasm to drop, early days empty clinchs a deal high to disappear basically, broad leaf oar 6300 become but reference standard, supply of goods of needle leaf oar slants relatively little, the price keeps strong as before. Wood pulp of the end of the year rises considerably probability is not big, reflect paper market, the element key that affects the price sees the crop of manufacturer release change, mix to the observation of prices at present judgement, but the production of mill of more attention paper is dynamic, the end of the year appears certain extent concussion will digest access inventory is big probability incident. At present more general attention centers business of proposal paper trade to his to enter annul put government, can more meeting reflects opportunity and risk in oneself data condition.

[can exhibit a stage]

Follow-up in November paper exhibits information premonitory clew

On November 13: Seminar of situation of market of 2017 China pulp (Chinese papermaking association—Fuzhou)

In November 14-16 day: Paper of 2017 whole nations orders goods Fair (Chinese papermaking association—Fuzhou)

In November 14-15 day: Forum of forum of technology of Chinese oar paper (company of magazine of China paper industry—Fuzhou)