Environmental protection, raw material, capital... Hua Dongyin of weigh of 5 big hill brushs the course of study that pack!

Published on 2018-11-26

Guide language: Above sea, Zhejiang, Jiangsu is long triangle of the centerPack pressworkIndustrial belt, presswork in our country lead position is in all the time in the industry that pack, no matter be the industry measure, production value that pack or craft level, purchase ability to all be gotten run the whole nation. As a result of good industrial foundation, here attracted much high grade production business, also be pregnant with bound dragon, get the better of amount to, reach etc one large quantities of large pack presswork enterprise. But nowadays, the industry shuffles, the industry upgrades, environmental protection and raw material pressure come in great numbers, what good luck and challenge is this market facing? In April 2018 10-12 day, 2018 China austral border rows of tiles on a roof extends the market that leads you to dig this to be full of temptation deep!

Run Jiang Zhe ground of the 10 big assemble that pack, seek by inquiry pressworks the industry that pack survives what is actually happening!

October 2017, encourage is exhibited read extensively group delegate visits Jiangsu, Zhejiang in succession the Nantong of the administer below two provinces, do not have stannum, Changzhou, Dan Yang, fine promote, city of Hai Ning, lake, Wen Zhou, luck is installed, Cang Na 11 of 10 earths area, with each association that visit the leader is opposite encourage was exhibited 2018 read extensively the rows of tiles on a roof that the group holds, colour box, soft imprint, 5 large trades exhibit container, label to collaboration of the before exhibiting promotion of the meeting, activity and audience are organized and be recieved waited for a lot of item and detail to undertake.

In addition, this second visit the working —— with still have important to understand an enterprise to live what is actually happening. During visitting, encourage exhibits delegate and association leadership development to the understanding place industry that pack survives and develop state and the real problem that encounter in management, hope to pass couple 2018 China austral border rows of tiles on a roof is exhibited, box of colour of 2018 China International is exhibited, 2018 China container is exhibited, 2018 China austral time is flexible imprint the technology is exhibited reach exposition of 2018 industry of Hua Na label the 5 platform advantages that extend and resource, create high grade relevant solution for vast enterprise.

…5 of environmental protection, raw material, capital Hua Dongyin of big hill weigh includes a property

We visit discovery, accompanying pack presswork of the industry shuffle continuously, trend of polarization of area of majority of Jiangsu, Zhejiang is clearer and clearer, big company does stronger more, and small company steps forward however dimension difficult. And companion exits the market as a large number of small companies, a lot of enterprises have the plan that invests new facility of mount a horse and demand. Although although area of river short for Zhejiang Province all is in countrywide front row with the craft that pack in the amount that pack, but place pressworks mostly the enterprise that pack still is faced with live tremendously pressure, the pressure such as environmental protection, raw material, capital lets vast enterprise can’t bear heavy burden.

Severe environmental protection problem

Rigidder and rigidder environmental protection policy and environmental protection level are right Nantong, Changzhou, fine promote etc more impact is bigger, enterprise gingerly, a fleeing army’s suspicion of danger at the slightest sound. During environmental protection superintend and director is checked, majority imprints packet of company stop production, shutdown, especially the enterprise of small messy kind already cannot produce the part normally, close in succession stop. A lot of presswork the demand of environmental protection equipment that the enterprise that pack compares to suiting price of oneself state, tall sex is strong.

Raw material rises hard bear

From last year second half of the year arrives now, raw material goes up already exceeded 100% , persistent raw material rises the problem brings bigger impact to vast enterprise, the part packs an enterprise to be faced with “ to money buys the grim situation that is less than paper ” even. But should rise to paper value, what most enterprise behaves is particularly faint, can passive accept, the settlement that still does not have good at present method.

Huge fund pressure

Base paper manufacturer of upper reaches compresses account period ceaselessly or award letter forehead to spend, but presswork the enterprise that pack lacks the bargain capacity with downstream client however, not only cannot rise in price to raw material of client marry again cost, and the account of gathering period still pull longer more. In play chess of this price gain, the enterprise that pack became ” of “ sandwich biscuits, everywhere by cruel. We can foreknow, partial cash flows insufficient enterprise to will face test of life and death.

Cost is higher and higher, benefit decreases stage by stage