Attention: Make the world more understand Chinese Tong Shu to publish

Published on 2020-09-08

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Will come 19 days on November 17, tong Shu exhibits 2017 Chinese Shanghai international to be held in Shanghai. Current Tong Shu is exhibited attracted more than 360 domestic and international Tong Shu to publish with culture originality orgnaization, and come from the whole world more than 1000 of nearly 50 countries and area domestic and international Tong Shu’s writer, illustrator and publication major personage, the Communist Party of China of 3 days begins more than 100 to read promotion and major communication activity.

Up to this year, shanghai child book is exhibited had held 5. Xu Jiong of director of Shanghai news publication bureau is being accepted ” Chinese news publishs wide cable ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, the child book copyright that makes Asia-Pacific region trades and the center of child book publication communication is open Shanghai the original intention that Tong Shu exhibits, “5 year, although still be on the road, but the international influence that Tong Shu of Chinese Shanghai international extends already bigger and bigger ” .

Assemble international resource, the world view that lets pay close attention to children is here focusing

The Tong Shu outside entering the area that Tong Shu exhibits this year publishs orgnaization amount to innovate again tall. The Tong Shu outside having the 160 family financial situation that come from area of the country such as the United States, Italy, Belgian, Japan, India and our country Taiwan, Hong Kong publishs orgnaization ginseng to exhibit, 40% what hold the sum total that postpone business. Among them the England, France, Germany, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia form that all extends a group with the country is participated in. If Canada exhibits a group to carry ginseng of more than 10 publication orgnaization to exhibit, korea publication association and Korea are published revitalize a courtyard to carry numerous Korea to publish an enterprise to appear. While orgnaizations of these international child book popularize his Tong Shuxin to make to China, also was in look focusing China.

Familial member represents all the Bangniji that headquarters is located in Sweden’s round directorate member and state Buddhist nun to attend Tong Shu to exhibit first this year. Joachim Kaufmann of round executive trustee expresses Bangniji: Tong Shu exhibited “ last year on, the group established Bangniji Bonnier books (Chinese) . Future, state Buddhist nun pays close attention to more the writer of Chinese mainland and work, publish and issue creation requirement what be in Euramerican area to start work formerly, realize the alternant function that copyright trades truly. ”

Xu Jiong introduces, begin from the first, tong Shu is exhibited engineer organized international publisher to visit a plan (plan of collaboration of Shanghai of publication media of SHVIP) and international. Former orgnaization and publisher are published to attend outside inviting home, trade around copyright, publication collaboration and promotion of international of Chinese author writing spread out deepness communication. Latter invites international reporter of famous media editor is attended, interview and write deep, the development current situation that reports Tong Shu shows a grand occasion and Chinese child book to publish a domain in time, recommend Chinese outstanding writer, publisher and publication.

“ Tong Shu is exhibited is a very good platform, show the vigor with young field of Chinese child book market and development prospect to the world, make the world more understand Chinese Tong Shu to publish. ” Xu Jiong says.

Recommend new personality an excellent work, let achieve work to blend in global eye shot here formerly

Current Tong Shu is exhibited go up to have 4 exhibitions in all, it is work of children literature award exhibits 2017 Chen Baichui international respectively, Tong Shu exhibits 5 anniversary, work of contest of illustrator of 2017 gold windmill is exhibited, and international children books is allied (the handpick book that center of document of books of IBBY) deformity adolescent brings is revealed. Among them, award of literature of children of Chen Baichui international and contest of golden windmill illustrator are to accompanying Tong Shu to exhibit grow rise, had become Chinese child book to publish the main platform of the person that Tong Shu creates etc of discovery former fictionist, illustrator now.

Tong Shu is exhibited this year still rolled out 12 famous the individual that inserts painter is exhibited. Xinjiang adolescent press edits chief inspector He Yanhua to tell a reporter, home is outstanding especially appropriate Tong Shu inserts painter special all the time little, new personality can be planted with this means volunteer one’s services, the publisher also can communicate face-to-face with them, this kind of form is first-rate.