Outside oar price dish add goes up more than, the risk is on guard not allow to ignore

Published on 2018-11-26

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1. Economic data: (Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail)

Data of macroscopical in October economy already produced heat entirely, at present macroscopical data shows economic environment is favorable, advantageous market stabilizes development

Upbeat mood supports agreement of ◆ OPEC reduction of output, crude price closes considerably go up, near future of on the station 56 dollars is exalted

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Outside importing wood pulp dish overall in December show continue to rise, among them needle leaf oar is carried go up space 50 dollars / ton, broad leaf and ecru oar are carried go up the space is in 30 dollars / ton, but spot market still calms relatively, desire to buy looks general, just needed to give priority to. At present outside December dish oar of leaf of needle of quote silver-colored star 860 dollars / ton, oar of star broad leaf 790 dollars / ton can make reference.

Morning cries issue announcement, geng Guanglin of this company executive director obtains appoint to become a company new allow general manager post.

Chinese government on November 15 to World Trade Organization (WTO) reported the new contaminant set limit to that imports waste material as raw material. The rate containing residue of waste paper will from 1.5% fell 0.3% , metabolic range is the biggest, suffer this control effect, since September, 11 beauty are useless dropped 41% , predicting WTO will arrive to just will publish a comment on December 15. Hopeful of new rule of entrance waste paper will have go into effect on March 1, 2018.

Reappearance of Asia-Pacific dark rich will rise in price on November 20 announcement, the banner issues base paper of double glue paper, duplicating paper, electrostatic duplicate to have the shift on all fronts from December 1 200 yuan / ton. In the meantime, APP golden light achieves benefit to also be given out PPC will rise in price in December 100-200 yuan / ton rise in price case.

Jiu Long is released once moreWrapping paperThe message that valence reduces once more, fall a 300-600 yuan / ton, successive 3 fall let wrapping paper market be immersed in confused, newest price already fall after a rise rises in price to August the price level before.

Heibei adds 350 thousand tons of excel in newlyCorrugated paperProject after year in succession put into production, its China promotes paper industry to will give paper 200 thousand tons March, month of 150 thousand tons of 4-5 gives job of dark prosperous paper paper.

On November 17, limited company of new material of Sichuan annulus dragon signs 8 bumf machine newly, arrangement ends and an investment will be chased to use on June 30, 2018.

Research says market of permanent 2017 label restrains 5.6 billion dollar, predict to will amount to above of 7.5 billion dollar 2024, compound year of increase rate about 5.6% , 7 years a market space that exceeds additional creation 10 billion dollar.

Carry of battalion of industry of Taiwan oar paper is improved considerably, china pulp the net after 3 quarters duty 171 million yuan, add 2.33 times compared to the same period, achieve nearly 7 Ji Xingao, gain of before 3 season is added compared to the same period 98.34% . Taiwan always battalion of abundant beyond quarter receives seventeen billion four hundred and sixty-six million yuan, achieve the history new tall.

The “ of the unit answers box to plan ” related combination of dish bird network, already was in Beijing more than 10 college installed paper box to reclaim stage. According to Tsinghua university Wen Zongguo teachs statistic, of express paper box reclaim rate make an appointment with 50-60% , the circular utilization rate after reclaiming is again 50% , practical cycle utilization rate makes an appointment with 1/4.

Heart silver hair expresses a report to say, manufacturer of downstream paper box is in 9 already exceeded to the inventory October will come in December in January the demand of the middle ten days of a month, paper mill goes inventory needing about related 3 to 4 months time, price of conjectural and corresponding paper may go low in prospective a few months.

The data of a week trade of survey of negotiable securities analyst. 1) culture paper: Last weekArt paperAll valence is 7510 yuan / ton, annulus comparing rises 1.1% ; Double glue paper all valence is 7433 yuan / ton, annulus comparing keeps balance. 2) board corrugated paper: Board paper is mixed last week corrugated paper all valence is 5617 yuan respectively / ton mix 4638 yuan / ton, annulus comparing glides 4.2% with 8.8% ; Raw material end, useless old yellow board all valence 2204 yuan / ton, annulus comparing glides 4.3% .

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