Below much element influence, oscillation of 2018 paper value big play act then?

Published on 2018-01-19

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Recently, paper value leaves year encounter glide, jiu Long, royal factory waiting for paper is reducedCorrugated paperThe price, among them most attune of relative superiority or inferiority is 400 yuan / ton. Paper price went in January situation present a two factions, there is a small climax before the Spring Festival still is at this point winter sleep is bad still to say, check all the more as environmental protection nevertheless strict, was afraid 2018 still meet expensive ” of “ Luoyang paper.

Paper value opens year of be thwarted, jiu Long is the first drop

Highest 400 yuan / ton

Nearly a few days, the Jiu Long, message that waits for paper mill to reduce corrugated paper price grandly has been inside the industry spread fast, just left 2018 bureau, base paper market greeted to drop. Among them:

Price of corrugated paper of Tianjin nine dragon reduces 400 yuan / ton, leave factory at present price of reference of the telegraphic transfer money that contain tax: 120-170g of nine dragon corrugated paper signs up for 3700 yuan / ton, 110g signs up for 3850 yuan / ton, 90g signs up for 4050 yuan / ton, 70g signs up for 4250 yuan / ton; 120g\130g\140g of sea otter corrugated paper signs up for 3600 yuan / ton.

Card of ox of sea otter of Dongguan nine dragon falls 150; Earthworm ground is again arrogant card and all rows of tiles on a roof fall 200; Flour ox gets stuck, card of besmear cloth ox is changeless; White paperboard falls by ash 200, carry out next time before the price is adjusted.

Price of corrugated paper of royal paper industry reduces Hubei 200 yuan / ton, leave factory at present price of the cash that contain tax: 100g of excel in corrugated paper signs up for 3700 yuan / ton, 110-140g signs up for 3600 yuan / ton.

Small climax of value of the paper before the Spring Festival or at this point hibernant?

From business company quote of newest corrugated paper looks, corrugated paper was 3700 yuan on January 4 / ton, and from looked nearly in January, come as cold winter, corrugated paper market also is shown slightly delicate, on the price although have,small drop, but overall for still stabilize relatively, basically maintain be in 3700 yuan / ton above.

▲ on January 4 corrugated paper 3700 yuan / ton

And to paper value was moved toward January, there is a part to analyse an orgnaization to think before this, the Spring Festival still has demand of store up money, think to be before this, still having a small climax probably. Of course, also partial trade public figure thinks at present market stock pressure still remains to digest, early days order overdraws, demand is not exuberant, want be without reason to rise in price, the Spring Festival that at the same time each big paper mill releases in succession stops chance plan to announce, the raise on paper value also appears some hope are scant.

From 16 years, in paper value shock of 17 years, the industry swims in rising and fall up and down is to scoop up certain “ grease ” more or less, although major person hopes paper value can be stabilized,come down, but fall in such environment, also choose to drift with the tide only. Relatively stable price mixes the near future to enter hibernant market it seems that, more resembling is each just saving energy, preparation receives likelihood more troubled 2018.

Environmental protection is not loosened

Still met 2018 expensive ” of “ Luoyang paper

Environmental protection ministry was announced on December 25, 2017 2018 quota of first entrance waste paper, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2017, 2018 first fair show amount of the look forward to that approve paper is obtained to decrease in list about 88.46% , obtain foreheads of batch of entrance waste paper to spend decrease about 91.33% . At the same time on December 29, environmental protection department is public show import licence of raw material of trash of the 2nd batch of solid was obtained 2018 in approving list, approve amount also has 344 thousand tons only.

To 2018 first quota considerably cut, the orgnaization thinks, 2018 the gross of quota give an official of annual whole relatively reduced determinism 2017, waste paper andWrapping paperthe price is in the annual 2018 all valence still hopeful prep above 2017. Public figure of some paper trade also expressed same point of view: “ environmental protection is more and more severe, the situation that still cannot replace an entrance completely is abandoned to fall in the country, furnish to carry or can appear to be affected certainly. ”

Four quarters price stabilized “ last year, but may not is a spent force. The personage is narrated to say before ” , “ prices has certain conductibility, the price is stable now, but mill of paper of Spring Festival eve is entered in succession stop machine overhaul period, plus inventory adjusting control, after this also gives a red-letter day, rise in price left more spaces, additionally Spring Festival eve often also is the fastigium that paper price rises. ”