Double 11 welcome green final examination: Many 300 express is packed how to do subtraction

Published on 2020-09-08

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When entering the 9th year, double the 11 roles with be being acted more important.

9 years of in the past, the festival that this cable business creates, by Chinese phenomenon, become global resonance. This resonance just does not shop orgiastic rhythm, have the power of Chinese plan more.

Can suspect without the person double 11 play the effect that touchs consumption. By original 50 million 120.7 billion yuan to 2016, of rapid inside short time enlarge trade the forehead, already made a kind of distinctive economy appearance. By it is this year double 11 clinch a deal frontal growth already was not be concerned about, the more ground that attracts eyeball depends on the volume level of growth, be one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight or one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two?

This backside is electric business grow, of consumption upgrade. In electric business domain, china is being gotten run. The bibcock enterprise of electric business came true to do business not only the whole world of income is banner, and preliminary built dominant position of pattern of technology, trade. The output of ” of plan of China of this kind of “ , be platform of commerce of EWTP(world electron) construction wins more associate. During resistance encountering with the area in a few countries when globalization, the get through that platform trades on the line and without seaming join perhaps is another passageway that advances globalization process.

And of new retail idea put forward, the line on the line issues shirt-sleeve acceleration, the big data ode to traditional brand can, custom-built those who turn production is faddish, the old name that letting China is greeted the 2nd spring, also allow market of China of be born of card of the essay in more and more abroad.

These let pair of 11 limits that are head and shoulders above a net to buy. Take the lead as electric business, a window that leads new economy, double the 11 kinetic energy that provide new economy not only, still be the society inside global limits cooperate with greatly. Nowadays double 11, be whole society is double 11, be the confluence below the line on the line is double 11, it is system of each company of each each each consumer, brand, express, traffic collective double 11.

The 9th coming double 11, should be rich, efficient, of dazzle cruel, also should be joy at the same time, healthy, of green. Double 11 leading prospective commerce tide, also changing the idea of people and life. Be in groups of pair of consumption of this 11 youths participate in the widest festival in, green consumption, rational consumption is making a kind of main trend.

The Yang Le that lives in Beijing Pan home is in double 11 before got a special package. The “ of this yellow shares express box ” is a squarePlastic box, one-time “ seals box to buckled ” to replace adhesive plaster. After the article inside is taken out, it will by express member bring back storehouse reuse.

Share the corresponding period of express box ” to ascend hot search a list of names posted up with “ , still have dismiss case of adhesive plaster express, 100% but degradationExpress bag, the circular bag that pack. The package that these can use circularly is born from “ collective mission —— is contained to rise since ” express the utilization rate that pack, reduce needless resources waste.

“ loop, share, green ” , those who take nine year is double 11 already not pure the shopping section that is year, the wrap up that come in great numbers let ” of this “ festival become to concern ” of “ final examination.

Approximate 72 million trees! Many 300 express is packed how to do subtraction

The express quantity this year will still continue erupt the posture of growth. National post office is forecasted, double 11 during, hopeful of the postal matter that postal job handles, express portfolio breaks through 1.5 billion. Will release September 2017 ” existing state of affairs of the development of Chinese express green that pack and trend report ” (the following abbreviation ” report ” ) show, sheet of movement of countrywide express trade always used an amount 2016 31.28 billion, of express line of business pack still be in 6 kinds big centrally: Express movement is only / the sheet of express electron carry, textile bag, polybag, envelope, box that pack (corrugated box) , adhesive plaster, what exceed 70% among them is express come from electric business with wrap up.

Buy as a net amount to a person, yangle is average every month can get the express paper case with 10 many large minor volume. Small, refuse; Big, stay place other people. “ express closes too much, the case that does not need desertioned. ”