Waste paper fairness trades sensitive topic, waste paper business is direct inquiry paper mill!

Published on 2019-12-10

On November 2, association is used to sponsor by Chinese renewable resources in what Beijing holds, the 2nd China that waste paper branch undertakes reclaims on paper industry plenary meeting, vice-chairman of waste paper branch, Shandong saves group of trade of paper of sunshine of century of chairman of branch of waste paper of renewable resources association, Shandong to carried out trustee Mr Zhang Zengguo to enter segment of honored guest dialog, trade with respect to “ waste paper does the key of central construction condition and operation management where? The problem of ” made a reply.

Does in the answer compere trade about “ waste paper does the key of central construction condition and operation management where? When the problem of ” , zhang Zengguo expresses:

Build waste paper to trade center, in must wanting those who blend in papermaking enterprise to supply chain management system, it is the angle from the paper mill solves problem of raw material safety, had safe nature to manage a problem with respect to what have the price and quality. The storage thing that century sunshine plans to establish reservoir formula sheds cent to collect machining center, be in every year for example different season, raw material can have different supply catenary, we can use this to supply period will be laid in ceaselessly or open brake to turn on the water outside. At the same time we want to follow these baling enterprise, build a close together supply to concern with order and contract pattern.

All the time since, the problem that a few inequity trade exists in the market, bale the factory because scope is little, often be in weak force, passive position. In conversational link, zhang Zengguo is the exclusive honored guest delegate that comes from papermaking enterprise, the spot also has a lot of to be what century sunshine offers money to bale station and renewable resources reclaim enterprise.

The delegate puts forward: “ serves as in small bale the enterprise of the station, is what care more how to accomplish fairness to trade with paper mill competition? Trade as us whether is the center us in this industry small much from course of study bale station, these businessmen go considering the trades fairly issue of this industry, this may be the issue that I consider, also be the problem that a lot of people are thinking. ”

Zhang Zengguo expresses: Believing very normative papermaking industry is won’t optional do this thing (improper adjustment price destroys fairness to trade) , I feel best the selection is large more normative large company deals, this is more reasonable, proposal you (bale station) do not look for these non-standard enterprises to do business.

It is full text of speech of Mr Zhang Zengguo below:

The change of waste paper price this year is particularly sharp, we receive waste paper, at the same time I also am a paper mill, the price that I feel waste paper besides market element, feel our industry comes loose quite, put in agreeable behavior additionally. Be in so below the guidance of chairman and support, we drew lessons from Zhang Zong here and forest always the experience here, we want to try to do a work with northward international, want to do a storage, content to shed a center, in development one trades platform.

Doing this thing is very difficult really, all of us blooded lesson. We our enterprise also was done 2007 a few bale factory, sold scrap iron finally, this is done very hard really. So we sum up the experience of this respect, how to do this thing for example? The first I think or want in equity this respect makes an open type, the structure of the structure of equity and property right must clear. Pull what swim up and down, be in area is influential force to bale for example factory, cent collects machining center, paper mill and draw nearly a few investment again square, this is our idea. This perfect copartner system, can achieve the goal of cooperative win-win.

The 2nd builds right storage thing to shed a center namely, a place has been become below its layout, duplicate gradually next, develop gradually trade platform. Because uniform standard is special important, check and accept without method without uniform standard, trade without method. Want to normative cent collects treatment product line additionally, what requirement must achieve at the same time? Our institute organization makes, the waste paper that by labour letter ministry issues machines normative condition, come according to this set. Must accord with the requirement of safe, environmental protection and fire control additionally. This one fire control that gets now because of us is top level.

Finally is situation very important. For instance our infrastructure had better be to stand by produce the place with waste paper very substantial natural resources, this is more important, especially content shedding should go to the lavatory. Additionally we recommend fund even, want form a complete set to supply catenary finance. We do now this, everybody thinks to manage mode or how, we also are being explored. How to do this thing after all? We also are trying, undertake ceaselessly think and be exploringed. For instance above all I think to blend in the link that the paper mill supplies chain this above all, papermaking company is very big now, and its management also is special modernization. Most enterprise is in do supply catenary government, they have their advanced informatization government, if you do not blend in this one you are likely enter inside this system do not come, either pure paper mill is strong not strong perhaps, actually this supplies chain namely.