Who buys sheet for the paper value that soare? Earnestly needs to pack box substitute

Published on 2018-01-18

As pollution higher papermaking company shuts stage by stage stop and prohibit importing waste paper policy come on stage, price of raw material of papermaking course of study and produce can show wave motion for giving out, the paper box price that rise lets many report business and buy the home to experience quite deep.

The statistical number of net of Chinese paper industry shows, includeArt paper, White paperboard, double glue paper, and of box of paper of the express that makeCorrugated paperWith white paperboard inside products of of all kinds paper, already began to go up from the price end 2016 raise, this year the National Day, power that ” of “ double section also did not stop to rise afterwards mid-autumn, in October the middle ten days of a month all valence amounts to 5725 yuan / ton. Of corrugated paper rising in price still is the first only, the raw material that subsequently other category paper tastes also rose in price. Mainstream viewpoint thinks, through “ double 11 ” , force of the action on paper box price will continue to increase.

If paper value is in perch for a long time, whether can accelerate the research and development of substitute, then restrains paper value to rise, drive at the same time solve express industry “ the problem of the excessive ” that pack?

Does paper price rise does “ hurt ” who?

The duck with inadvertently @ : As a result of papermaking industry downstream industry is produced mostly can superfluous, the enterprise dare not move price easily, because this consumer is experienced at present,return not quite apparent. But if value of raw material paper continues to rise, the enterprise digests cost to rise hard pressure, may deliver finally to consumptive end.

@ Bai Li is fully red: Presswork the factory estimates very suffer an effect, the cost of every pieces of paper rose, if incorrect client raises price, that imprints the profit of the factory should decrease for certain, a few small imprint the awkward situation that the factory faces paper likely still to be used not quite.

The other shore with sky-blue @ is beautiful: “ double 11 ” and “ double 12 ” can increase dosage of box of paper of electric business express greatly, a few sell the home to compete, should be the paper box that rise and express price silently to buy sheet. Express company also should embarrass to whether rise in price, carry valence to cause client prediction of a person’s luck in a given year likely after all.

Express mode is too wasteful paper

Nice of @ smelly monkey: Suggest carton of limitation of ground of express industry utmost is packed, everyday 10 thousand near how many carton are gone out by express, and those who close is little however little. The hope has an orgnaization that reclaims technically, after all some is very new still really!

Mr @zoechu_ : Originally a big case can be installed, used outfit of 4 cases cent to send in different storehouse because of goods however. A very little thing uses a case, I feel so honest very not environmental protection, mode of this kind of express uses up skin of too much paper.

@ face younger sister does not blush: The hope can perfect express carton to reclaim system, inside the home a lot of whole cases, threw waste, do not throw sell cannot sell a few fund again. A lot of villages have post now, whether can dak reclaim?

Love between @ new moon: Occasionally some paper box is not not to want to reclaim use, outside force influence sufferred to be out of shape in carrying road however cannot use 2 times.

Earnestly needs to pack box substitute

Smelly pig of @ old man: Should find out an environmental protection as soon as possible cheap material substitute, can developing ability continuously is the most important.

Turtledove of @ Jiang Dong thises: Can change plastic box client to pay deposit, deposit is returned after express company reclaims, rise repeat utilization rate.

@ forehead is not to rebuke this bear is not ursine: Want to do those who share box of plastic have enough to meet need? Supply business in order to replace paper box, empty eontainers can ravel smooth put, so that carry, already environmental protection saves the cost that pack again.