Paper travel happy event greets year grand meeting, yield data is the freshest give heat

Published on 2018-01-18

[macroscopical face]

1. Economic data: (Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail)

Environment of economy of macroscopical data presentation is at present favorable, advantageous market stabilizes development

◆ bank credit: Face forehead of bank credit of close the end of the year to spend be in an emergency again credit increases fast next year or fall after a rise, driving, finance superintends demand of hypostatic economy financing strengthen make a part be not bid financing to turn to the credit inside the watch, fluidity to slant to wait for multiple reason overlay closely, bring about forehead of bank credit of the end of the year to spend more more nervous than in former years.

[paper head]

This morning 10:00, papermaking of 2017 China International and equipment exposition and countrywide paper order goods Fair will be in Fuzhou channel international exhibition center kicks off grandly, passion of each big paper mill is revealed, the presence that invites sincerely you hangs down ask.

Double industry of paper of 11 days of cats in brand of before the Qing Dynasty that protect the home 10 old products, vida is ranked the first, cool breeze the 3rd, clean soft rank the 8th. Before Vida and cool breeze still entered brand of the most welcome home products 5.

On November 13, seminar of situation of market of 2017 China pulp is held in Fuzhou, the “ pulp futures of Shanghai futures exchange helps force papermaking industry the speech of steady progress ” , offerred “ industry + the development mode of futures ” , will strengthen advantageous position of price of price of our country pulp considerably, raise circumjacent market value to permeate force, the flow in operating solid Wu ” to “ enterprise futures, system, mode also made detailed introduction.

Reduce in price of board of rows of tiles on a roof, White paperboardBelow the exalted setting that price appears to hang, 13 days, reappearance of China peaceful He ChenmingArt paperRise in price announcement, in December art paper product go up once more move 200 yuan / ton, other manufacturer whether linkage follow-up, be worth to pay close attention to.

[big data]

Data of newest trade statistic shows, 2017 1 ~ September, paper output 95.59 million tons, grow 6.0% compared to the same period; Former unripe pulp 12.54 million tons, grow 8.13% compared to the same period; Paper products 54.04 million tons, grow 2.81% compared to the same period; Among them paper box 29.59 million tons, grow 0.49% compared to the same period. Income of battalion of complete travel owner 1.177 trillion yuan, grow 14.3% compared to the same period; Entire industry profit seventy-three billion nine hundred and thirty-one million yuan, grow 41.06% compared to the same period.

[microcosmic dot]

Paper is met the window, how be done or to how be done or do empty?

Engage by special arrangement contributes: Red 2

Every paper of annual end orders goods grand meeting, since paper group exchanges information, the autumn harvest that each other makes friend is seasonal, it is everybody each airs his own views, nod when those who discuss year old of end prices how to evolve is sensitive.

Through nearly one year pull go up, paper price already went historical altar sadly, but oar price is more high not dread is cold, still strong, fold the factual element with processing factory not expensive stock from the angle of cost, forecast not hard, from the back fair can first consideration does mill of two months paper much, manufacturer does not shake, calculate “ to drop ”—— also is to still hold the lute in the arms half block face, this kind of case, probable it is a kind of natural concussion. Mix two rounds of second half of the year first half of the year pull considerably go up, paper trade business borrows situation also be to gain profit rich and generous, but the stock that paper city resembles pulling harden continuously it seems that, among gain profit dish really too much, the course that need cashs is true also it is normal to belong to. The end of the year, perhaps be paper trade business cashs the best period of time of inventory. Compress capital of inventory, steam again to be the first strategy of grail business, even some agency are in September with respect to open bright sword acts.

Much air will begin occurrence more difference from November, time window has been opened. The paper that reads to kick off today is exhibited meeting, in the communication process that encircles in paper trade, can reach a hopeful consensus. After going up greatly, short-term concussion estimation is to avoid hard.