Pulp maintains perch to make firm, outside December dish begin quoted price

Published on 2018-11-26

[macroscopical face]

1. Economic data: (Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail)

Data of macroscopical in October economy already produced heat entirely, at present macroscopical data shows economic environment is favorable, advantageous market stabilizes development

◆ China iron and steel goes producing can these two years, reduce the amount of annual of a Japan, reduction of output has exceeded 110 million tons, compare with this photograph, paper closes the cry setting that stop to fall in environmental protection, paper and chipboard crop still maintained every year annual 5% or so growth.

◆ Zhou San, a large amount of futures perform black on Wednesday, of the occurrence 3-5% such as steel, coal, coloured, balata drop greatly phenomenon.

[paper head]

Industry of paper of Heibei dark prosperous 2 period hopeful of project of rows of tiles on a roof of heavy excel in of 120 thousand tons of low gram is in 2018 put into production of the 2nd quarter.

2017, paper of 1-9 month our country and chipboard paper output 95.59 million tons, grow 6.0% compared to the same period; Former unripe pulp 12.54 million tons, grow 8.13% compared to the same period; Paper products 54.04 million tons, grow 2.81% compared to the same period; Among them paper box 29.59 million tons, grow 0.49% compared to the same period. From the point of the data of papermaking association, 2017 pulp industry although amplitude is the fastest, but profit margin is only also 2.76% , and papermaking industry profit margin was achieved 6.7% , profit margin of paper products line of business also has 5.7% . Below the setting that rises considerably in paper value, paper products profit did not exceed now to slip.

On November 14, china signs up for trade association organization to hold paper to sign up for the “ that both sides attendsNewspaperThe market supplies harmonious meeting ” , the problem that at present influence newspaper supplies normally is solved basically, newspaper market will tend smooth, put forward each newspaper office not to want operation of again panicky corner.

On November 8, chamber of commerce of industry of countrywide business association paper held general meeting the 4th times in Hangzhou. The election produced chairman of the 4th board, vice-chairman, standing director to wait new a chamber of commerce leads an orgnaization, full of Li Jianhua of chairman of bureau of director of group of chairman of the 3rd board, China peaceful is elected as chairman of the 4th board.

Market of this week wood pulp continues to keep exalted, although purchasing power is insipid, but the price is basic and strong, needle leaf oar is supplied continuously nervous, individual brand still rises somewhat, broad leaf oar also maintains supply and demand to balance pattern basically, partial brand leaves surplus somewhat, this cost structure is formed to culture paper value prop up.

Outside December dish oar price predicts to be able to continue to maintain on raise trend, look from newest quote circumstance, brazilian eucalyptus wood pulp some brand continues to move go up 30 dollars / ton to 810 dollars / ton, other trademark quotes the oar gives heat in succession.