Our country begins to move toward the circular economy mode that is raw material with waste paper

Published on 2018-11-26

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)] paper industry once upon a time some year advocate forest pulp unifinication develops, around raise with paper forest, with forest the industrial policy of hurried paper, began to move toward the new circular economy pattern that is raw material with domestic waste paper stage by stage.

2017 beginning, waste paper buys the message that rise in price incessant Yu Er. To domestic paper industry, this is not a bad news. On one hand waste paper price rises conduct an enterprise to add thick profit, on the other hand, the enterprise that devotes oneself to corner of domestic waste paper and sorting begins to increase investment.

Domestic waste paper rises in price to just meet the hair force of policy of a series of national environmental protection period, domestic papermaking course of study greeted intervening waste paper to reclaim system, upgrade the optimal opportunity of circular economy.

Sorting of entrance waste paper good, quality is high very accept enterprise favour

In January 2017, ” the directive opinion that pushs development of renewable resources estate about accelerating ” believe ministry of ministry, Department of Commerce, science and technology to be released jointly by labour, policy asks to promote waste paper sorting to machine automation level and standardization degree in waste paper respect, promotion waste paper is automatic and grading technology and equipment, raise waste paper to reclaim utilization rate and high cost are changed use a level. To 2020, domestic waste paper reclaims use dimensions to achieve 55 million tons, domestic waste paper reclaims utilization rate is achieved 50% .

Policy requirement:

Breed Home 3-5 to manage an amount in 300 thousand tons of above treatment of large waste paper trades demonstrative base, it is important that the play in catenary is supplied in area waste paper collect a function.

The condition that the fist sets outside policy less than sends force, paper industry moves toward the new circular economy pattern that is raw material with domestic waste paper

InWrapping paperBoard andNewspaperDomain, traditional grass makes oar, chemistry make a starch 100% be washed out. Use waste paper to make a starch, all resource that the enterprise can obtain the waste material that make a starch is changed use, realize clean green production. If Jiashangwei is born to wait for a domain with paper and special type paper, waste paper oar is used also take our country pulp of overall dosage 70% the left and right sides, this one scale still rises in year after year.

Waste paper is the solid basis that our country becomes powerful nation of papermaking course of study

Waste paper serves as pollute lowest at present, most the papermaking raw material that accords with circular economy demand, stable price reclaims with what perfect the system is the solid basis that becomes powerful nation of papermaking course of study.

Prohibit importing foreign waste paper, although make the waste paper raw material with much hoard for speculation of industry of a lot of papermaking, play the hype sex factor that controlled the market, what waste paper price replied inside short time is fluctuant. But more long-term still depend on with responsible act, participate in domestic waste paper actively to reclaim the high speed of the market grows, investment waste paper reclaims systematic construction, lend mechanism the new pattern of economy of circulation of industry of papermaking of suitable our country, our entrepreneur should have such vision.