The four seasons of occurrence callback of waste paper price spends perch of value of finished product paper to run logic to did not change

Published on 2019-12-10

Since this year, papermaking industry appears on the market company share price is climbed successively litre, papermaking index 3 quarters are more go up to from 3500 bits 5020 bits more highest. In the meantime, papermaking industry outstanding achievement grows considerably compared to the same period. Experienced entire industry catenary rise in price storm, by October since, perch of waste paper price becomes loose, compare apogee callback 30% . Face raw material price to drop, paper of finished product of downstream papermaking company goes up drop differ.

The reporter understands, at present catenary of papermaking industry industry each link wave motion are bigger, but below the setting that in environmental protection hasten severe, industry upgrades, the logic that goes up on the whole did not change, insecurity of quota of oar of waste paper of raw material abroad, downstream consumption upgrades demand is climbed litre etc the factor that prop up is obvious. Seasonal busy season overlay publishs Qiu Dong season more to be restricted to produce policy in succession, perch of value of four quarters paper moves but period.

Perch of waste paper price becomes loose

By October since, quoted price of each category market experienced waste paper compared to the same period double above goes up hind, from exalted callback 30% the left and right sides, the sluggish that occurrence perch shakes goes up phenomenon. But be fathered by environmental protection hasten, outside useless quota is cut, downstream demand exceeds supply wait for element influence, photograph of waste paper price is remained than in former years turn over times prices.

Perch of price of near future waste paper becomes loose, soare the message that steep fall is ceaseless. On October 18 – on October 22, the A of area of part of short for Zhejiang Province of Guangdong, river kind waste paper price from 3400 yuan / ton drop 1800 yuan / ton, but an apogee rushs again inside short time. Back-to-back, by October since, waste paper price dropped from perch again nearly 30% . On November 6, the announcement that the domestic ” of “99 waste paper issues shows, in 91 paper mills, 86 reduced waste paper price. C of factory of waste paper of Shandong jujube Zhuang Mou kind waste paper price falls to 880 yuan / ton. In the meantime, papermaking industry wood pulp of another important raw material, criterion in the message that goods comes out again and again by October.

To the reason that waste paper spurt in prices steeps fall, dispatch of 100 travelling expenses is light industrial industry analyst Lei Qian signs up for reporter explanation to say to Chinese negotiable securities, in October the middle ten days of a month, quantity of waste paper supply is increased, new outside useless quota arrives harbor, the increase sharply of dimensions of partial foreland waste paper such as Guangdong, so that short-term market supply exceeds demand, at the same time original stock gives waste paper market clear quickly, cause in October slump in price of the middle ten days of a month. The time that is less than a week subsequently goes up an apogee, accuse with business of money of store up of large waste paper on one hand dish about, on the other hand downstream papermaking enterprise has to the demand of waste paper add without decrease. Of the closest a week steep fall, with rebound strength has particular concern greatly too, industrial catenary is searching new balance feature at present.

Although waste paper price is compared inside year high point considerably callback, but compare in former years, remain at present turn over times prices. To this, east Wu Zheng certificate is light industrial industry analyst Ma Li expresses, waste paper price fluctuates considerably, blame demand glides be caused by, demand is strong still.

Price of waste paper annual rises considerably by be caused by of its itself supply and demand. Respect of waste paper origin, national useless dimensions is roughly outside double useless, both decides waste paper market is supplied jointly. August 2017, environmental protection ministry issues new edition ” entrance trash runs list ” , prohibit mixing waste paper entrance, useless body is measured outside cut, useless quota compares insecurity outside. Environmental protection strength increases the supply end that bring about to suffer be restricted. Side of waste paper demand, according to the type of finished product paper, can divide mix for main raw material match two kinds to compare raw material. Among them, culture paper deserves to compare oar of needle leaf oar, broad leaf, waste paper oar according to different breed. Corrugated paperraw material is basic and all it is waste paper oar. The demand increase sharply of finished product paper, it is the main factor that waste paper rises in price. Analysis of the personage inside course of study says, will look at present, waste paper supply and demand did not produce big change, short-term waste paper measures the influence of increase sharply to be being digested to harbor, soare the phenomenon that steep fall is alleviating.