Entrance of the 2nd batch of waste paper is obtained batch, APP is about to weigh endowment investment wrapping paper

Published on 2018-11-26

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Economic data: (Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail)

Environment of economy of macroscopical data presentation is at present favorable, advantageous market stabilizes development

Case of oil price bearing stone inscription continues to climb litre, the abidance of oil price rises, established value of product of 2018 chemical industry basically to be able to keep exalted current.

Left 2018 bureau look into, structure of economic sure sign won’t be changed, predicting GDP is added fast will still maintain in 6.7% the left and right sides.

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① Entrance of Chinese part commodity measured statistics in November 2017.

② recently, xinhua News Agency publishs a comment to point out, china has prohibit silvering coin in the round rubbish enters a country, the schedule of system of management of trash of perfect entrance solid: 2017 before the end of the year, prohibit importing an environment to endanger big, masses to reflect intense solid waste material in the round; 2019 before the end of the year, stop to import the solid waste material that domestic natural resources can replace stage by stage.

③   on January 4, 2018, abundant drafts as total as Jiangsu Jin Zhicai investment not to exceed a RMB with announcement of science and technology 200 million yuan, in Jiangsu Su Qian creates new company jointly, use at building environmental protection of Jiangsu high end to pack a project, abundant is held with science and technology 51% , colour group of gold is held 49% , predict to be finished at total 2020 construction.

④ recently, below division of golden light group two subsidiary enlarge produce project exposure. Among them project of extend of 1.8 million tons of high-grade chipboard always invests industry of paper of golden laurel oar about 8.78 billion yuan, include high-grade society to block product line 1#90 10 thousand tons / year, mensurable 170-350g/ ㎡; 2#90 of food paperboard product line 10 thousand tons / year, mensurable 190-300g/ ㎡, industry of paper of golden sea oar is project of 3.6 million tons of high-grade paperboard, at present two projects all are in annulus to judge level.

⑤ Hong Xingyin brushs a group to already sold burgeoning paper line of business (Shenzhen) limited company is entire equity, cost 1.026 billion yuan of RMBs, predict 900 million yuan to sell the earnings before duty, buyer already stocked total cost superintendency account, sell item already was finished roughly.

Volume of import of waste paper of the 2nd batch of total check and ratify made an appointment with ⑥   2018 344 thousand tons, shan Ying, Jin Tian, wide paper is obtained batch, industry of paper of its Zhongshan eagle 217 thousand tons, occupy than 63% ; Wide paper 113 thousand tons, occupy than 33% ; The rest of 4% for industry of paper of Dongguan gold field thirteen thousand six hundred tons.

⑦ Germany pressworks and media association (BVDM) goes out in middle finger of its newest economic wall bulletin, the business boom December parts 9 times to go up more than continuously year level. Corresponding now seasonal the index is in 106.4 a little bit 4.0% grow on the level end of the year. With do not have than the index last month how old change.

Morning of ⑧ Zhan Jiang cries to taste paper output to finish 1.8 million tons in entire 2017 the year’s harvest, relatively 1.02 million tons grew 76.47% 2016; Achieve sales revenue 8.7 billion yuan, relatively on one year 4.886 billion yuan grow 78.06% ; Financial net profit finishs 1.781 billion yuan, relatively on one year 602 million yuan grow 195.85% ; Realize production value 18.8 billion yuan, profit tax 2.6 billion yuan.