The 3rd acting retail times comes, is the outlet of hypostatic bookshop in?

Published on 2019-12-10

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Instantly, new retail the heat that makes each trade discusses a topic, china also promotes ceaselessly in the expression of current network and efficiency respect. Have investor analysis, as the ceaseless iteration of retail channel, general merchandise, business exceeds, shopping centers, convenience inn, major sells channel of field, chain the channel below line of this kind of generation effect of retail level ground and channel efficiency are inferior, progressively embezzle mixes retail channel place on the 2nd acting line that then is risen abruptly replace, platform cable business, perpendicular cable business, 020 platform, company group electric business, media cable business, small business is the main delegate of retail channel on the 2nd acting line.

And what rising abruptly sadly at present is new retail, namely the 3rd acting retail configuration rises abruptly, make new trend and development way, goods shelves of unmanned and chain advantage inn, retail, office, automat, SPA(has straight battalion brand oneself) , box horse mode became instantly the new form that each industry seeks more efficient and newer, faster, current fashion to serve the life. Of these new form buy setting more reasonable and convenient, from demand end sets out provide convenient and quick service, build the supply end of healthy movement thereby, promote competition ability and be pushed and wide, form new round forestall and camp. In this sina tide falls, hypostatic bookshop bound already somebody is moved rose new retail idea.

In bookshop bound, they play first removed “ unmanned and retail ”

Enter stage by stage when China without cash times, when barbecue small vendor’s stand can be used when paying treasure, small letter to sweep 2 dimension code to pay, hypostatic bookshop sweeps a code to pay to had become a kind of normal state. In the meantime, yamaxun, Alibaba in succession the concept of start shooting robot retailing store, people is arguing Amazon Go and “ clean out coffee ” to will fall to the line retail those who bring change sexual change. Although unmanned and retail, automat in Euramerican reach area of Japanese and other places, popularize degree and operating system to change want prep above China. But be in China, unmanned and retail, automat is sure will make the trend that each industry grows future, hypostatic bookshop also cannot escape by the skin of one’s teeth, prospective bookstore clerk this kind of profession is afraid can among consist in history.

New Hua Wenxuan publishs medium Inc. (Chen Dali is in vise general manager of ”) of abbreviation “ new Hua Wenxuan " new retail came, how should book industry is opposite leisurely? ” in express, below new retail position, publish the change that supplied catenary to produce essential sex. Swim up and down as industrial catenary the bookshop that connects contact, will by redefine, it is a simple place selling a book no longer, and made a product, platform and medium. Proceed with of bookshop of intelligence of cloud atlas of his Cong Wenxuan, did elaborate in detail.

The configuration of bookshop of intelligence of cloud atlas of civil a small room

Bookshop of intelligence of cloud atlas of civil a small room