Chinese economy grows, it is good news to the whole world

Published on 2018-11-26

[ Domestic news (graph)]

Restore driving development as Chinese economy, RMB internationalization process is accelerated, reason treats fine to Chinese economy foreground.

Beijing time on October 11 evening, international Monetary Fund (IMF) announces, global economic situation continues to improve, go up tone was added with the global GDP 2018 2017 fast anticipate. Among them, chinese economy is added fast on tone 0.1% to 6.8% , this is this organization go up the 4th times this year economic growth anticipated tone China 2017. Be in before this on September 20, via adding up to textural to move China the GDP 2017 is added fast, from before 6.6% on move to 6.8% .

IMF is increased Chinese economy growth anticipates, be not without reason.

From 2008 since global banking crisis, china is the biggest contributor that world economy grows from beginning to end. Day of beneficial development in global economy is medium, producing main effect.

As an economy system character, china since reforming and opening gross domestic product year all grow nearly 10% , make more than 800 million person casts off poverty, made significant contribution to realize global chiliad to develop a target. Such adding fast be unprecedented.

Intermediary also is written outside civil say, the development road that China did not come to 5 years will produce major effect to global market and economy, china is not is big only just, the wealth that the development of the open, money market of Chinese economy and countryman increase increasingly makes photograph of other area of the degree that has no before it and world shirt-sleeve, global economy growth, inflation, obtain employment, money market will be affected by China. If do not have the driving growth of Chinese economy, 5 years global GDP will be added less in the past 1/3.

The rapid growth of Chinese economy also brought a lot of challenge, include fast city to change, income is lopsided, right of the environment but durative challenge, and face population aged, the population pressure with labour force migratory interior, need undertakes major policy is adjusted, ability makes Chinese economy grows to go down continuously, wait for income from which especially to good-paying estate transfer, it is more difficult that the likelihood transfers to medium income than low income.

Nevertheless, the 15 ” of “ of 2015) of 925 ”(2011 ~ and new approval plan Chinese “ (2016 ~ 2020) , solved these problems strongly, outstanding emphasized developing measure, include to solve environmental problem, make the target that reduces pollution, improve energy efficiency, improvement gains the opportunity of education and Medical Protection, enlarge social security, difference of contractible the rich and the poor.

As China all-around diplomacy obtains significant progress, international position also had rise significantly, chinese hopeful makes the whole world big country of commerce of the first goods, and basically invest big country external. Rise from October 1 especially, the RMB brought into basket of currency of SDR of international Monetary Fund formally.

Come so, the rising market country such as China, match in the voting authority of IMF and the economic position photograph that its rise ceaselessly, conduce to the stability that enhances monetary basket, representative with lawful sex, make international money system to more stable multivariate reserve money system develops.

The RMB is brought into IMF currency basket, mean a RMB to make the universal money on real significance, ground of be perfectly justifiable becomes the country of 180 many members of IMF to use a money, in order to improve the international position of the RMB, increase the use amount of the RMB, avoid the exchange rate risk of oneself, make China and world obtain pair of winning results.

In addition, according to the data that published on October 9, alleviate as the pressure of capital outflow, foreign exchange reserve of China of first of world of dimensions tall house is successive September the 8th month rises, break through 3.1 trillion dollar. That is to say, restore driving development as Chinese economy, RMB internationalization process is accelerated, reason treats fine to Chinese economy foreground.