Avoid greedy with fear, paper value predicts very fast look forward to is steady

Published on 2018-11-26

[macroscopical face]

1 data: Crude price: 49.37/ bucket RMB add dollar: 6.6243(near future is in 6.5-6.7 interval concussion)

2. PMI: Manufacturing industry PMI was China in September 52.4, successive 14 months are in vicissitude line upper part, for since May 2012 highest.

3. Unemployment rate: Unemployment rate of investigation of town of 31 big cities was September this year 4.83% , for since 2012 lowest.

4. GDP: ?  of  of  of Cou of peptide of be used to of patch up Cheng climbing over a wall confuses Song form low  of Pie of  of  of expostulate with of  of  of boundless and indistinct of oyster of Xing of army of ⑽ of Rongxing firewood  still grows permanent teeth?.9% , add fast successive 8 quarters stabilize the interval in 6.7%-6.9% , the economy that hopeful exceeds 6.5% targets this year is added fast.

[paper head]

On October 10 morning 11 when, limited company of papermaking of Jiangxi manage article 2 period 21 machine begin the project hurl makings trial run, 6600mm of this machine fabric width, speed 1200m/min, the design is produced can be 400 thousand tons / year, the 2nd be Jiangxi manage articleWrapping paperProduct line.

Wrapping paper price affects electric business spending, CCTV economy channel reports paper packs an industry to rise in price the 8th times the current situation. According to trade statistic, annual the express paper box of pair of 11 generation has 1 billion or so, 2017, box of paper of our country express predicts to will exceed 40 billion.

Rows of tiles on a roofBoard paperThe go upping that close sunrise shows perch drops each other shows, double 11 order are finished basically, the industry forecasts the hopeful end October to stop go up time firm.

17-19 day will be in exhibition of paper of China International special type and conference in October 2017 Zhejiang thoroughfares the city is held, at present special paper appoint small letter is sweeping a code to make an appointment register, deal with ahead of schedule enter when the province quick.

At present wrapping paper industry already appeared factory of business of many waste paper, paper trade business, 2 class and in small paper mill of mill of big paper of have the aid of rise in price covering and increase perch to cover now, october portion wrapping paper valence whether stand fast exalted, need to pay close attention to the quote circumstance of manufacturer of bibcock wrapping paper closely.

Print and distribute of the State Council ” the 2nd times the whole nation pollutes source census plan ” , the dot when the standard is on December 31, 2017, the unit that general checks the elephant has contaminative cause for home and individual manage door, business of industry of this action imply will continue to issue baptism to cross disaster in environmental protection policy 2018.

The observation between travel, october opens bureau paper to rise in price continue to advance, but wood pulp market rises and fall finite, outside dish futures continues to maintain on raise, perch of oar of domestic merchandise on hand is arranged, oar of attention broad leaf is produced newly can enter city case.

[microcosmic dot]

At present the circumstance looks, the paper mill by September rises in price to accept and already was in to fulfil by market passivity considerably cash, manufacturer is restricted to make work for matching still is normal, this action is not broken, prices does not fall, wood pulp price should be in firmly only 6400 levels, paper value stand firm 7000 above are above criticism, although partial paper is planted,can appear the phenomenon of exalted concussion, but of short duration does not form the possibility that drops considerably, at present paper mill and paper trade chamber of commerce continue strong price, mills of next half moon paper continue to release go up case probability still big, but go up can reduce with bottom gas, paper of Fuzhou whole nation ordered goods meeting manufacturer still can be roused with all one’s strength in November brace up market confidence, press the market rule of the fourth quarter, demand is exuberant still be advocate fundamental key, the real pressure inflection point of supply and demand predicts to be able to be in Spring Festival around. Pack using paper still is prices vane, paper trade group can make associated sex reference.