Factory building of paper box plant needs scientific position, promote work efficiency before buy condition

Published on 2018-11-26

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Paper box factory is when the program that build a plant, did not do feasibility to evaluate, wait to did not become systematic consideration to circumstance of state of circumstance of the class fixed position of the product, production value, equipment and personnel, with relevant design the communication of the company is not perfected, bring about thereby in put into production a lot of intractable obstacles are encountered after period of time.

Expert analysis, adopt scientific position, in plant equipment coessential below the case that turn, the average speed of scientific layout can raise 30 meters / or so minutes, efficiency of entire plant operation can promote 10-20% . Visible, workshop distribution is equitable it is far-reaching to the influence of paper box factory. The paper box yard that the article measures 60 thousand tons with building to produce per year is exemple, if why make the program that build a plant in early days,discuss.

   Equipment program: The design with paper box mechanical treatment is produced can answer exceed chipboard to machine machinery 10%

One produces per year a quantity the 100 million paper box factory of smooth rice, if deploy 5 of a 2.5 rice fabric widthCorrugated paperBoard production, can producing hourly 30000 to chipboard of 33000 square metre, such a week work 5 days, the worker divides a work, produce per year chipboard to exceed 100 million square metre.

After chipboard production comes out, the machinery that machines paper box wants to include normally:

The soft edition that · suits to machine different chipboard norms pressworks product line of linkage of fold burnt box 4;

A circle presses · the circle pressworksThe model is cut machine;

Model of two smooth planish cuts · machine;

· a special foldPaper box machine;

· hammer box, bale wait for other equipment.

Paper box produces mechanical crop to should exceed 10% of crop of corrugated fibreboard product line at least. For example:

The crop of a product line of 2.5 meters of corrugated fibreboard: 30000 square metre / hour.

Paper box machines mechanical crop to be as follows:

4 soft edition presswork the crop of product line of linkage of fold burnt box: 5000 square metre / hour ×4=20000 square metre / hour;

Circle of a circle pressing pressworks the model cuts the output of machine: 7000 square metre / hour;

Model of 2 smooth planish cuts the output of machine: 3000 square metre / hour ×2=6000 square metre / hour;

Paper box processes mechanical yield amount: 33000 square metre / hour.

The crop of machine of special fold burnt box not plan enter total output, because this is planted,the machine is the chipboard after treatment model is cut. Same, hammer box, bale the crop that waits for equipment also not plan into amount. Come so, the design with paper box mechanical treatment is produced can exceed chipboard to machine machinery 10% , can ensure the chipboard production of factory of box of a paper and paper box treatment keep synchronous.

   How should each big function area plan

Original scroll storage: How should the storage area of 4000 square metre plan

To the paper box factory of corrugated box of manufacturing high strength, the workshop area of 4000 square metre is the number of general ” of a “ , the flexibility with can ensure certain so. If hope this number is more exact, must consider to concern the complete information of the operation so. Although such, still need very careful ground to consider the change that appears possibly henceforth, such as: The shortage of the addition of base paper grade, special scroll fabric width, scroll after imprinting beforehand, base paper and the breakdown of carriage machinery, it is good that the cost that because of the cost that underestimate these elements and causes wasteful meeting exceeds overmeasure and causes wastes —— to still be sure so.

If base paper supplier is the same as the highway transportation between paper box factory,be apart from very close, so the memory amount that base paper place requires can decrease appropriately a few.

At present scroll takes the kind piling a code of perpendicular type, because this kind of caboodle piled up means to provide bigger flexibility, and access go to the lavatory. But this kind of means needs to deploy hold a car in the arms to move scroll, and the floor of area of base paper storage wants car of comfortable so big that one can just get one’s arms around move surely and attemper. The interval piling a code of scroll must enough big, prevent clamping apparatus to be affected inadvertently draw near the scroll that piles a code. Same, pile a code to answer according to ∨ model or ∧ , and form proper point of view with wall arrange, after can preventing occurrence hank scroll to collapse so, affect the effect of “ domino ” that causes to adjacent scroll. If in case fire produces in area of original scroll storage, perpendicular type piles the scroll of the code to be gobbled up by flame likely, must install the fire control device of contented place code, and in whole production area is mixed area of finished product allocation must be installed.

These the dimensions of area of original scroll storage and Lv of layout take an examination are the following wanting that nod:

The largest amount that · weekly scroll stores;

The base paper of qualitative, special fabric width mixes · special talent to imprint beforehand scroll the amount that wait;

The diameter of · scroll and fabric width;

The height of · scroll (the high) that the clamping apparatus of height of scroll fabric width, housetop, forklift can achieve;

· provides the forklift shift of different type clamping apparatus and turning line;

· scroll piles what the distance between the code and caboodle pile up to range way;

· is uninstalled, examination and the space that the scroll that register needs;

· scroll is outer come off, scroll preparation and scroll deserve to send corrugated fibreboard product line needs space.