Mill of two big paper increases put into production newly, rows of tiles on a roof is supplied change sadly

Published on 2019-08-15

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1 newest data: Crude price: 51.96/ bucket, RMB add dollar: 6.5899(near future is in) of 6.5-6.7 interval concussion, PMI was in September 52.4, PPI6.9% , CPI 1.6% , first half of the year GDP 6.7% ,

2. Oil price appears rise, the RMB appreciates considerably, pay close attention to paper cost transaction

Data of 3.9 months of newest CPI, PPI produces heat, continue to maintain firm syncopation to go up.

[paper head]

Paper exhibits annual countrywide special type to thoroughfare in Zhejiang today the city is pulled open prelusive, exhibit meeting general this to have the following theme: Special type paper can be exhibited, thoroughfare investment climate recommends the city forum of height of development of industry of paper of meeting, special type, among them outlet of company of paper of general situation of market of paper of special type of newest trends, China, special type discusses paper of special type of trend of development of market of paper of global special type, Japan for forum activity main content.

On October 10, jiangxi manage article 2 period 21 machine join the project makings try produce, 6600mm of fabric width of this paper machine, design speed 1200m/min, manufacturing excel inCorrugated paper, the design is produced can be 400 thousand tons / year.

On October 13, hubei flourish produces per year 850 thousand tons into limited company of second birth science and technology high-gradeBoard paperProject complete put into production, 2 period 650 thousand tons of papermaking that make a starch are produced newly with 200 thousand tons can intensifying building.

Committee of major of paper of special type of Chinese papermaking society is dozenth general meeting thoroughfares at was in Zhejiang to save on October 15, 2017 state city is held. Conference discussion carried the decision that establishs industry of paper of “ China special type to develop strategic seminar ” .

5. Hua Tai plans to be in Guangdong reconstructive project of 350 thousand tons of wrapping paper, the plan produces bovine paperboard, predict March 2019 put into production.

[microcosmic dot] —— the factory adds two big wrapping paper newly put into production, change of supply and demand comes sadly

Because waste paper is short of,at present pressing issue has not get essential sex solve, jiu Long before October 20 go up case also is to carry brace up market confidence, wrapping paper is enmeshed in as before rise in price in enthusiasm, but the new project that Jiangxi manage article and Hubei flourish become already was cast recently makings try produce, follow-up supply should be met change sadly, at the same time waste paper import licence extends to also can have very quickly Anacreontic, from current and objective observation, wrapping paper market is dismal already put difference, each management situation has had have difference, put a quantity to slant big client already was increasing shipment ahead of schedule, paper trade channel notices the market observes, the proposal keeps measurable and sensitive.