In October the first piece of chipboard depreciate case be bungled come, paperboard mill has affliction talk!

Published on 2018-11-26

After 11 holiday, as Guangdong city of the head that save Shan sunlights limited company gives out heart paper industry the first piece of base paper depreciated in October case (Tu Bubai paperboard depreciates 200 yuan / ton) , if base paper depreciates, the problem also is made a noise bubbling with noisely, everybody also is had his heart filled with expect paper price drops. Nevertheless base paper depreciates to still do not have the symptom of a trend with clear what, we wait however came the “ of mill of the first piece of paperboard depreciated in October case ” ! When base paper soares, paperboard mill carries valence to fulfil difficulty to downstream client. And the symptom that once appear,a bit base paper depreciates, paperboard mill often is forced depreciate by the client however, paperboard mill also is pressure hill big ah! Which boss knows, if demand decreases, paper value in the end, produce can superfluous, can 2 class factory be immersed in type of trample of price war —— to drop to cannot avoid necessarily? How to do?

Zhejiang garden new material gives out chipboard “ to depreciate case ” , reduce 0.1-0.3 yuan / square

On October 13, a piece of chipboard of Inc. of Zhejiang garden new material depreciates case is mad inside course of study turn. See in case, company three-layer, 4, 5, 7Corrugated paperBoard the price all is reduced somewhat.

   Chipboard sale price adjusts announcement case

Each client of respect: Hello!

Appreciate the credit that I give department since expensive department and you are long-term and support! To assure the benefit of broad old client, I manage as market level, adjust as follows to chipboard price:

1, from October 13, 2017 17: 00, on the value basis September 20, 2017, three-layer reduces 0.1 yuan / square, 4, 5 reduce 0.2 yuan / square, 7 reduce 0.3 yuan / square.

2, the door piece: 5 reduce 0.2 yuan / square, three-layer reduces 0.1 yuan / square.

3, to on October 13 17: 30 before the order that issues must not cancel;

4, to on October 13 17: 30 before next sheet exceed client of line of credit, to above quota partial payment for goods must be in on October 14, 2017 17: 30 before all and paid, order singular keep under control to be carried out by old price otherwise.

To do not affect your order production, after hoping broad client receives me to manage short message or clerk inform, sign as soon as possible time pass. If have doubt, ask the member that sell related connection, thank!

Inc. of garden new material

On October 13, 2017

Go up hill is easy and downhill difficult, how does factory of box of 2 class paper answer downhill prices?

The hill on paper value is not difficult, follow suit go up can. But what everybody fears is downhill! Should flock on hill already became a fact, how orderly and downhill more important. Which boss knows, if demand decreases, paper value in the end, produce can superfluous, can 2 class factory be immersed in type of trample of price war —— to drop to cannot avoid again necessarily? How to do? We or study through number according to the analysis, whether to put in orderly and downhill likelihood? Might as well listen to Shenzhen morning dragon the analysis that chief advisory adviser resembles sword teacher:

Between the price, gross profit evolve into method

1, in the price smooth period (2013——2016 year the) before rising in price, bead gross profit of balance of profit and loss of mill of trigonometry area paperboard is in about 16% the left and right sides;

2, rise in price earlier, if base paper whole rises 20% , even if of sale wool interest rate is maintained changeless, gross profit forehead also meets many 20% come, this rises in price namely effect; In the road that rise, wool interest rate, crop, price 3 element are synchronous promotion, it is paperboard factory management data most brilliant period of time!

3, if base paper continues to go up, whole rises 100% , if still be maintained,with the 1st same gross profit is led, at this moment gross profit forehead also can be compared much before give one times, this profiteered namely.

4, if the market rose really one times, below similar turnout, sale also can break up times, gross profit forehead also can turn over times; Halve of even if crop, sale still has so much before. Anyhow, after rising in price, all data become beautiful and moving.

5, and reality is not wonderful, mill of paper mill, paperboard, paper box factory has pain each, in will rise in price cost moves downstream while, also can encounter …… of the boycott of downstream manufacturer callosity, strengthen the defences and clear the fields

6, again in the future discovers, this 3 element won’t be the same as wool interest rate, crop, price when exalted, became “ cannot the triangle ” that each other protects, must at least sacrifice keeps management overall situation twice among them even.