Drop drop! Waste paper business autumn pants drops did not have, corrugated fibreboard begins diving

Published on 2018-11-26

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Waste paper drops 4 days wildly continuously, had gone to 1800 yuan from 3200 yuan of exalted callbacks before a week, and see less than stopping completely drop the evidence that pick up.

Paper mill make fall, instantly of waste paper price dies dish, the one act November 25, 2016 is performed again. Countless as accrete as paper mill in all the waste paper business of flourish, what appreciated paper mill to serve as banker again is strong with callous.

Return overnight before liberating, waste paper has dropped so that autumn pants did not have

Recently, type of Guangdong area occurrence bluff drops, head with Dongguan, manufacturer reduces a country to abandon the price considerably, many manufacturer fall repeatedly two come 3 times, accumulative total drops a ceaseless innovation is tall, some paper mill connects Dongguan yesterday fall 5 times, drop amount to 710. Current, factory of much home waste paper buys valence to drop defeat 1500 yuan of col. And works of individual paper box shows, do not bale to what the factory receives waste paper price quoted price has 1000 yuan only / ton, lower than the perch 10 days ago 1800 yuan, it is to drop so that autumn pants did not have simply.

Waste paper drops suddenly, your waste paper bales business unawares. A few buy valence to compare tall paper mill to be jammed by the car of waste paper deliver goods of pour. Express according to eyewitness, 1300 van await Guangdong some paper mill discharging, occasion can compares National Day big parade! Jiu Long, the car that the big plant such as Ji An basically sells waste paper 300 two above. Because deliver goods car is too much, dongguan will be built tomorrow sunshine, dongguan silver-colored city, guangdong manage article, dongguan grand course of study, 10 thousand benefit of Guangzhou are amounted to, city of Zhan Jiang auspicious announces to stop receive waste paper, restore to receive money time to inform separately.

Drop as a result of this, be after paper mill helps price of tall waste paper one after another steep fall suddenly, fine long hair of business of a lot of waste paper is extemporaneous. And a lot of waste paper bale business from come loose a waste paper price that gets in the hand, exceed 2400 yuan even / ton, collect paper bales in the waste paper of the hand business, the loss is very heavy.

Most those who suffer an effect is sign with the factory that pack reclaim waste paper business of the agreement, business of a waste paper expresses, oneself just signed 3000 yuan / ton reclaim agreement, the half drops between instantly now. He says frankly, this drops, oneself were forced directly on weather station.

   Corrugated paperBoard begin diving, individual manufacturer had dropped 20 are nodded

The higher-priced that lacked waste paper is propped up, corrugated fibreboard factory is in 2 class after struggling one time in a situation full of danger, also do not prop up again, corrugated fibreboard value plunges in succession.

Hangzhou fine promote an area to had been in fall, paperboard mill falls 3 times repeatedly. The friend of factory of a color print says Guangxi, there 2 fall directly 15 are nodded, 3, 5 chipboard fall 10 are nodded. Jiangxi also has trade public figure reflective board three-layer falls one wool is much, 5 two wool. And be in Guangdong area, corrugated fibreboard is early at the beginning of the month begin to fall, depreciated recently extent has increase a current. And have individual manufacturer, gave out even the favourable extent of 20% .

Die when waste paper price dish later, suspect without the person base paper price can appear almost similar the value of made of baked clay paper March dies this year dish. Right now, the user that pack is not anxious instead next sheet, the order that this certainly will extended corrugated fibreboard further is empty window period, come so, corrugated fibreboard drops drop to fear avoiding hard endlessly.

Waste paper 3 days drop madly 1500! 1300 van await Guangdong some paper mill discharging, occasion can compares National Day big parade!

Help tall paper price wildly, price of mad trample waste paper, such paper packs an industry, had been without reason but character!