Waste paper steeps fall cause attention, paper estate market calls reason

Published on 2018-11-26

[macroscopical face]

1. Newest data: Crude price: 52.16/ bucket RMB add dollar: 6.6205(near future is in) of 6.5-6.7 interval concussion, PMI was in September 52.4, PPI6.9% , CPI 1.6% , first half of the year GDP 6.7

2. 3 quarterly GDP of Chinese grow 6.8% compared to the same period, dimensions above industry increased a value to grow 6.6% in September, economy lasts to good.

3. Hair change appoint progress of economy of China of concerned controller introduction is steady in have into foreground happiness.

4. 19 big reports put forward, the good life that our country society basically contradicts to had changed humanness civilian to grow increasingly needs and lopsided the contradiction between scant progress.

[paper head]

Indonesian Asia-Pacific is restricted by provisionality because of problem of forest land access fell trees, predict to international pulp the price can produce fluctuant effect.

Brief a week, the country abandons the price from 3300 yuan / ton drop madly all the way, lowest already appeared 1500 yuan / ton panicky sex undersell, drop big, your industry perturbed and open-eyed, this kind soares steeping fall is a kind of harm to integral industry catenary, paper city is not the stock market, paper market calls more reason.

On October 16, sichuan Sichuan nation is industrial of limited company produce per year 12 thousand tons of high-grade lives to use paper project successful go into operation. This model is SF12-1000, design speed of a motor vehicle 1000 meters, wide cut 2860 millimeter.

Preeminent company chose Guangdong province papermaking 2017 fair show, 14 enterprises enter a list of names posted up, dongguan nine dragon, dimension amounts to paper industry, Guangdong papermaking of overlapping, Guangzhou, morning cries before oar paper ranks 5.

The project invests construction by group of Tai Gelin paper, the technology of industry of Hunan river paper that always invests 580 million yuan upgrades transform a project, include two machines transform, predict to be amounted to entirely by October 2017 produce.

Shenzhen city answered pilot express packing knock off to make directly 2018, this is meant “ express is small henceforth elder brother ” besides send express to be in charge of reclaiming even express packing, make packing OK and direct reclaim use.

Industry of hill eagle paper drafts 400 million yuan to add international of endowment annulus eaves, through be opposite waste paper reclaims business board piece comb, build with wholy-owned subsidiary annulus eaves international is this board piece the business government platform that manages as a whole, promote operation capability.

Hunan preciouses jade greatly enterprise of 5 dimensions inside region of town of combination of Zhang Yunjiang of chief of the base of Li Tian color print that pack, established Li Tian to presswork company of the group that pack, pack base construction at starting color print formally on July 8, 2016. The project always invests 500 million yuan, predicting annual produce achieves 1 billion yuan, first phase project already in June 2017 trial production. Yang Dayao presses down clear is the fireworks and firecrackers with the greatest whole world Yuan Fucai makings produces base

18-20 day, “ print innovation develops height forum ” to go in Su Ju, the conference emphasizes delibrate print to move toward the real problem such as intelligent trend, motivation, method by the number, develop in order to promote innovation of movable course of study. Speech and interactive honored guest part from produce learn to grind, the angle that industrial catenary swims up and down combed print from “ content + the number of duplicate ” is made to “ knowledge + the innovation development that the intelligence of resource ” creates is politic, illuminate by the number to print the innovation to intelligence develops new understanding.

[microcosmic dot]

Type of occurrence bluff of waste paper market drops last week, “ flies shed ” of below paper 3000 feet to become industry exclaim, waste paper market is similar to March steep fall emersion market, the market has his underlying law, need reason and science, review market of early days paper all the way mad, supply and demand, environmental protection, cost, factitious wait for an element daedal, macroscopical with microcosmic blend, but from market point of view, supply and demand and cost still are its core element, market what course to follow, the industry needs more and objective judgement and reason to answer, go up dropping factitious hype fact is not desirable.