These prevent bogus paper mixedly, represent paper industry future allegedly

Published on 2019-12-10

Prevent bogus to presswork in the domain, paper prevents bogus hero to occupy head of a list of names posted up. Prevent bogus commonly usedly to presswork at present paper basically has a few kinds as follows, they have the special character that prevent bogus.

FloatWatermark paper

It is to have the anaglyph, paper that can touch image, bar code to wait. What money uses is float watermark defends bogus technology. Because watermark cannot use the emersion such as photocopier, scanner, its prevent incident bogus effect suffers very take seriously. The applied limits that swim imprints nowadays already enlarge comes bill having price, certificate, even books and periodicals. Watermark is to be in papermaking process, use a technology to want place label, design to wait for paper, if be on silk screen,the float watermark that installation has designed beforehand pursues article forme, or platen squelchs and become through pressworking. Because graph article on any account is different, make pulp forms the corresponding density with different thickness, the density that is in pulp into the Yintuwen after paper is different, its light transmittance has difference, reason is pervious to light when observation, can show the graph article of original design.

Float watermark has watermark of fixed float watermark, half fixed float and watermark of not fixed float 3 kinds. The printer of fixed float watermark art difficulty is greater, must secure illuminate in money, card, the proper place of the main body such as certificate, and want normally with presswork macroscopically graph article or the other measure that prevent bogus matchs accurate, if 100 yuan of RMBs are in hairiness of position of float watermark window lustre east head portrait secures float watermark.

The distance between the watermark of every groups of float that secures float watermark partly, position all is secured, each groups show seriate on paper, friend also calls successive float watermark, it is multi-purpose at special paper. Watermark of not fixed float distributings at paper or par full edition, friend also calls full edition float watermark, be like China the 3rd, 5 yuan of quadruplet, all paper of watermark of ancient Qian Fu prints full edition two-spot and a yuan of RMB, but 5 yuan of RMBs already used new edition daffodil design secures float watermark paper to presswork.

Paper of watermark of the float that prevent bogus develops the fourdrinier wire paper with safe nowadays height from original fourdrinier wire paper, the characteristic includes:

1) arrives reach arrangement of 15 gray scale, reason has more mutiple level; The ply of area of black float watermark can achieve 40μ , the paper that compares average ply 15~20μ is thicker, reason has better contrast; Reach the detail with have finer and float watermark definition.

2) can obtain the add safety precaution that institute of fourdrinier wire paper does not have, if install the whole line,wait.

3) adds long cotton fiber the service life that paper improves in wood pulp. On round net paper machine, float watermark piles be soiled to be formed in float watermark surface through fiber, float watermark and paper are formed at the same time, this states swim imprints but fill arrives in round wire mould, form very clear float watermark.

As the development of electronic science and technology, there is paper of electronic float watermark nowadays roll out. According to England ” peaceful interview person newspaper ” reported 99 years on May 3, one kind calls “ small cling to the system of ” , in using muddleheaded theory to compile the data the password to join file setting. This kind of “ is small cling to ” naked eye is invisible, but can read with the scanner, broken solution its password. Only primitive forme ability is printed, any nicetyPresswork equipmentAll cannot duplicate or can imprint only an a few punch-drunk image. Say according to developing a company, will defeat interpret “ from mathematical angle small cling to the coding system of ” , almost impossible.

Contain safe line to prevent bogus paper

Point to papermaking process lieutenant general among line of a gold or paper of plastic wire park. What use the earliest is tailor-made metal thread, use polyester now kind line of plastic wire, miniature letter safety, fluorescent and safe line. Safe line appearance has linear, waviness, zigzag etc. Say according to concerning a material, new edition US dollar is not only in paper embedded metal thread, and on the line small shrank to be able to be used only times tallerMagnifierAbility reads clear script.

Rolled out heat quick to install the whole line again in recent years, show below room temperature pink, opaque, should give with finger local add lukewarm when should achieve only centigrade 37 degrees, meet local show small reprint books in a reduced format to brush a character. Still have a kind of safe line – laser is holographic and safe the line differs because of watching angle and strange color changes.