11 express quantity predicts to exceed space of profit of extruding of 1 billion material that pack

Published on 2019-12-10

In October the middle ten days of a month, connect in, charm is amounted to announce to adjust express price early or late, and reason all is to suffer manpower, stock and operation cost to climb litre wait for an influence, serve quality to rise continuously at the same time, provide more high grade, more convenient, more efficient express service for the client better.

According to Chinese express association forecast, 2017 during “ double 11” , the express of entire industry handles gross to will reach new volume level, predicting meeting exceeds 1 billion. “‘ double 11’ is express consumes blowout period, before why express business predestined relationship chooses ‘ double 11’ does ” rise in price? This kind rises in price is express company be be lifted helplessly or aimed at pair of special strategy of 11? Rise in price while whether does the service follow to go up?

   Partial express site implements new price

Be apart from pair of 11 time that are less than a month, be in in the businessman be eager for doing sth, begin sales promotion to build early situation when, collective of ” of express “ big Ga announced to rise in price.

On October 10, express is connected to be in in, all released on small gain about adjusting express price solicit client book. In appellative, since this year, express line of business suffers carriage cost to increase, labour cost promotion, raw material rises in price wait for a variety of element influences, serve quality for farther promotion at the same time, guarantee client benefit, the decision adjusts express price since this day.

Morrow, charm is amounted to fast give also say with book of client of billing of similar argument hair, since this day, undertake adjustment to express price, specific seek advice from charm to amount to countrywide place site please.

On October 20, business site discovers the express that the reporter visits Wuhan and other places, some has begun to implement new value standard.

A of street of line of food of fierce prosperous area in the member that know express delivery introduces, head office is already public showed rise in price standard, head heavy add has again increase, head add from 10 yuan again reach 15 yuan, add adds 8 yuan of every kilogram from 5 yuan of every kilogram again.

Ripely the controller of one site expresses, did not receive the announcement that rise in price, still carry out according to the standard value before. Although be denied external ripely,rise in price, but public report says, this company interior announces to go up tone express cost, directive price is ticket of 0.3/ of the attune on 1000 grams less than, 0.3 yuan are moved on part of more than 1000 grams.

The reporter is moved with respect to the price express is connected to concern chief in rectifying a standard to interview. Express is connected to speak of about chief in, “ classics considers integratedly, decide entire network limits adjusts express price. Because of structure of each district cost cost rate differs, the specific extent that move price, by each site basis local market is undertaken with management circumstance reasonable adjust. ”

Beijing east express, double 11 during, beijing east content sheds allowance general from former the promotion of 600 million yuan of allowance of set reachs 2.1 billion yuan, use at be home of Jing Dongping’s Taiwan businessman and socialization businessman to be in pair of 11 stock up before offer storage, deserve to send the discount that waits for a respect, full decrease wait for privilege.

   The express raw material that pack rises in price space of extruding express profit

According to in, charm is amounted to rise in price the view in announcement, rise in price reason is express line of business suffers carriage cost to increase, labour cost promotion, raw material rises in price wait for a variety of element influences.

“ and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, the paper box price of all sorts of norms rose at least 7 into, resemble colour box, the price was last year 7 yuan, be close to 12 yuan now. ” has inn-keeper to begin from inside year to reporter report with respect to insecurity of supply of goods, paper box factory often adjourns deliver goods, original two days of goods that can arrive, want time 45 days now.

In interview the reporter understands, since 2017, the raw material price such as box of the base paper that express packs a need, paper, plastic, printing ink all the way violent wind rises. Express cannot leave paper case, and rise in price latterly, raised express cost, raw material rises to bring not little management pressure to the enterprise.

According to data of national statistic bureau, in current domain in significant production data, Corrugated paperMarket price case experienced “ to sit this year switchback ” type is fluctuant. 1——2 month, corrugated paper continuance went up last year situation, maintain be in 4000 yuan / ton above is exalted. Began to appear to drop considerably in March, on April 1 ——10 day, the price is 2795 yuan only / ton. Enter however in August, paper value returns 4000 yuan again / ton above high price. On September 1 ——10 day, corrugated paper price achieves 4748.3 yuan / ton, achieve the peak value since this year.