Sales volume of Chinese paper book goes up greatly, who is the biggest the person that be benefited?

Published on 2020-09-08

Up to now, chinese paper book has realized sale book book successive the growth of 3 years of 8%-10% . This mark is worn the thin leg that field of Chinese paper book market relies on books price a few years to rise from in the past is propped up, rise the double round drive that is book and price to rise at the same time, sail grow fast track.

Analytic personage thinks, no matter from read space or price space to go up, field of domestic paper book market is put in giant growth vacuum. American average per capita reads a quantity 50, rank first Israeli reads a quantity every year to be as high as 64. Average per capita of our country grown countryman read a quantity 2016 7.86, book of paper quality of average per capita reads a quantity to be not worth 5, compare huge gap with photograph of world developed country. In addition, 1/3 the average price of outback paper book just is Hong Kong and Taiwan and foreign price.

Nielsen report of global books retail market thought 2016, no matter be in the books of which category, paper book remains absolutely main aspect. In the many states that monitor in Nielsen, china becomes global books to add with the speed of 12.3% fast the sharpest market.

Should become regard domestic paper book as retail tycoon, go one year book of work off paper 550 million, all paper are rolled out can cover whole world. Countrywide books is retail 2016 net inn sales volume goes up it is whole makes an appointment with 2.4 times, should become hold the books on the line retail share of 45% above market. Should greet when paper book empire lie earn a times?

Be used to reads greatly greatly Dai Yan, “ the whole people reads ” effect to show

Instantly China is in pivotal transition period, read curious become urban white-collar to alleviate the important step of angst. “ is deep read, read again sure be attributed to paper intermediary. ”Jin Ligong of famous books organizer says. Together with China gets the increase that teachs population, the demand promotion of paper book will be long-term trend.

End 2017, “ the whole people reads ” to be written 4 years into ” of “ government working report continuously. In December 2016, national news published total bureau print and distribute " the whole people reads “ 935 ” period develops a program " , this is our country the whole people of “ of first state level that make reads ” program.

Advocate energetically in total bureau and various government below, of the countryman read enthusiasm to upsurge. Hereat at the same time, strength of edition of governmental blow pilfer is all-time, compose of the industry that help strength builds benign modes of life and relation to their environment, read an environment for what national compose built health.

When Xi Jinping’s secretary-general ever was accepting combination of media of Home Jin Zhuanguo to interview, speak of, “ my interest is quite much, the largest interest is to read. ” be used to goes abroad every time greatly bask in book list, can lift one round read upsurge. The composing of secretary-general of be used to and work of incorporate into one’s own forces ” Xi Jinping talks about manage state affairs manage politics ” ” Xi Jinping taletelling ” ” Xi Jinping uses law ” etc wide suffer a reader to love, be located in for a long time treat TOP3 of a list of names posted up when be in power.

Be like a day 18 years, lead an industry development

Should be being become is China enter retailly on line of the first batch of books bureau person. 2004, should exceed edifice of Beijing Xidan books when net books sales volume. 2006, should exceed countrywide Xin Huashu inn to become country’s biggest books shopkeeper when net books sales volume. Heretofore, lead industry development to exceed 10 years, can calls Chinese paper book the retail person that lead the most by force.

Go a few years, books sells an ocean to rise considerably, should be in when support the scope effect of books market, carry value discount, amortize books price rises a reader concussion that passes quickly. Countrywide books is retail 2016 net inn sales volume goes up it is whole makes an appointment with 2.4 times. Regard home market portion as the greatest books retail platform, should become with be far ahead of share of market of the books on 45% right-and-left lines.

Should become at present in carry out books 5 million kinds, everyday millions person patronage should be become paper book. Those who rely on paper book is tremendous suck shed ability, should become sit have register an user 200 million, year active user 40 million, assemble China loves reading crowd most, become one furniture to have exceed capacity of strong IP hatch, those who have resource of huge writer celebrity is giant culture platform, also be the Chinese books with the greatest whole world at the same time retail platform.

4 great consummate skill, aid sales volume of the book that push paper to be climbed successively litre