All night jumped-up pressworks in the workshop, several 19 big reports boiling hot gives heat

Published on 2019-12-10

Publish by people press, the 19 great literature of the party of overprint of Shanghai people press and complementary introduction content are published in Shanghai since October 30. The file includes: Comrade Xi Jinping was in on October 18, 2017 the report that the Chinese Communist makes the 19th times on countrywide congress ” decide the issue of the battle builds comparatively well-off society to capture in the round socialism of characteristic of new era China is great win ” the 19 overhaul of offprint, party change pass ” Chinese Communist constitution ” ” Chinese Communist the 19th. In this backside, be from publish, the speed relay —— that pressworks to issue imprints factory the same night pressworks, issue group the same night to handle data to undertake content shedding is distributed, expect of door inn the same night receives money, on frame, send toward each to sign order.

The Shanghai that is located in Qing Pu pressworks group China pressworks limited company workshop, 28 days 18 when 30 minutes, from the offprint of 19 big reports that Beijing carries continuously and comes appearance draft arrives at a workshop, the machine that awaits a long time increases full horse power. 20 when, the first galley proof book gives heat. Arrive 29 days 8 when, in 12 hours, in a steady stream of offprint of many 80 thousand 19 big reports is printed ceaselessly finish. 9 when, the file of 19 old series of party of “ of hall of first floor of Shanghai book city is revealed be on sale ” is worn only on, binding red lacy " decide the issue of the battle builds comparatively well-off society to capture in the round great victory —— is in socialism of characteristic of new era China Chinese Communist the report on congress of the 19th whole nation " had revealed in the markeddest position.

Close, task weighs time, china pressworks Gu Weiqing of limited company vise general manager tells a reporter, because the party is acting the characteristic of meeting file, to pressworking speed is mixed quantitative demand is very high. Content of this 19 big reports is rich, “ every 2.5 80 pages, printed sheet, with the past of 2 printed sheet imprint the quantity is compared, difficulty is taller, the task more be critical. ”28 day 18 when, editor of Shanghai people press is taking report appearance draft to fly to rainbow bridge airport, drive toward Qing Puyin factory immediately, 18 when after be being arrived at 30 minutes, final school draft work was completed inside half hours. 19 when, sticking “ model of written characters of ” of special machine stage mixes 19 big publication the Haidebao of party flag 8 kindsCycle printing machineFormal start. Of coverall of blue of many 60 dress imprint plant personnel is assumed respectively graph, in control of goes all out before imprintingPrinting machine, the working procedure such as monitoring of foldout, bound, quality, line by line quality is severe accuse, press stubble every working procedure.

“ the task that this is us, also be our responsibility, more we should be done. When ” accepts a reporter to interview, all night defends the Gu Weiqing in the workshop organ appreciably is hoarse, but tone is firm, “ comes home to also do not set his mind at. After all night works, change shifts of one part personnel comes home rested, the likelihood does not sleep 3 two hours, everybody can come back again. Afternoon, still have heavier job. ” Chinese Communist constitution ” after coming from Beijing hair, will immediately start working is printed. When ”18, party constitution file is arrived at imprint factory, people society editor begins insecurity to proofread instantly. 18 when just passed 30 minutes, red first new ” Chinese Communist constitution ” fervent get offline.

In the workshop, below the banner of red background yellow word that “ finishs 19 big publication to print task ” hammer and tongs, a few pairs of hands work ceaselessly, 5 printing machine, 6Folding machine, 2 bound machine are plangent noise; Outside the workshop, countless double eyes are looking forward to. Gu Weiqing says, “ future a month, everybody will add full horse power to fight bravely, ensure edit 0 accident, imprint outfit without error, protect protect a quantity to finish character print the task, masses of cadre of contented and safeguard, broad Party member learn deep for a short while understand the pressing requirement that carries out 19 great important mind. ”