Express rises in price fuse it is much element of wrapping paper box is brought about rise

Published on 2019-12-10

Actually, stock, manpower, content shedding, chummage, water and electricity is to rise element

The “ double 11” this year has not come, express industry is troubled by before Liquedi gave not small “ noise ” . After express is being connected to announced to adjust express price on October 10 in afterwards, the following day, charm is amounted to fast give announce to adjust express price. Ripely fast give a response, at present in principle does not go up.

Rise in price about express, there is a logion “ all the time inside the circle who goes up whose predecease, do not go up to die together ” . So, our city did present express price rise after all? Go up how many? Why can you be pair of 11 premise that come piece rise in price? What is affected to consumer? The backside that express rises in price, after all the what signal in under cover industry?

Do not go up, go up how many, fix a price independently by the site

“ classics considers integratedly, decide entire network limits adjusts express price. Because of structure of each district cost cost rate differs, the specific extent that move price, by each site basis local market is undertaken with management circumstance reasonable adjust. Express is connected to concern chief say in ” .

So, yantai does present express price rise after all? To this, the reporter interviewed smoke Taichun to connect express controller Xu Zong.

He tells a reporter, this information that rise in price issues announcement by company headquarters, basically want to transmit an information to the market, need the client’s understanding. Do not go up after all, go up how many, by site basis circumstance of competition of the management cost of oneself, market fixes a price independently. And eye comes round to say, express delivery is known in the price of each site does not have apparent change.

Before “ in in connecting what express small signal releases to solicit client book, what had said is very detailed. It is to suffer ‘ to carry cost to increase, labour cost promotion, raw material rises in price wait for a variety of element influences, express price is adjusted since this day, particular case seeks advice from local site please. ” and rise in price finally how much is extent after all, xu Zong expresses, because at present each enterprise is in mutual and wait-and-see, specific amount inconvenience discloses.

And when the reporter covers company of other home express delivery, most person is opposite at present of the person of the same trade rise in price keep silence not to wish to evaluate, careful also ground is evasive at the same time whether do oneself have the plan that rise in price.

No matter the price of express rises,rise, very much small business is with the merchant that clean out treasure after the rumor that heard express to be about to rise in price, have ahead of schedule sufficient with will bale express paper box and waterproof bag. Long Ms. Dong that becomes foreign trade childen’s garments 4 years says, after hearing the rumor that express should rise in price, she is in for a short while to express member bought sheet of face of 200 pieces of express. “ but at present till, the price of every express has not risen actually. Ms. ” Ms. Dong says, she cooperates with 100 worlds express all the time, because oneself belong to big client,also may be, did not receive the announcement that rise in price all the time.

Express rises in price, the pressure that who is after all is the greatest?

The information that express rises in price is bubbling with noise the ground roistered largely lunar time, however, each price still maintains the level before to go up however. Accordingly, the result that this the price adjusts not disperse the internal heat with sudorifics.

So, if express rose in price really, after all whose pressure is the greatest?

Can say, had released now rise in price announcement is right join in for business, have direct sense only, be not mandatory requirement, “ we hope to rise in price of course, but go up the price really if rising, probable business can be affected again. ” is interviewed in, a charm amounts to express join in business introduces, he still is not clear that consumer accepts rate to what rise in price. After all, in this coessential the industry that changes low competition, faithfulness of nonexistent so called “ spends ” between consumer and most express.

To express member for, if rose in price really, whether they are opposite in the consideration this second rise in price undertake “ buys odd ” . To this, teach says the Zhang Shi that does express to have more than 6 years, “ to scattered client, we are basic it is can much receiving is, rise in price unlikelily directly, and resemble securing big client, general metropolis and two express of above member cooperate. If only we rise in price, next month can turn possibly to fasten the home. ”