Had hit 3 pieces of cards to let China new economy fly higher

Published on 2019-12-10

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The ” of “ China story of economy of “ new ” , just just begin actually.

Wait for policy development to advance as reform of side of innovation of people poineering millions of people, supply, the technology such as content couplet net, big data, artificial intelligence quickens be born, condition of new industry, industry and mode still are in ceaseless be pregnant with, grow and expand. Sealed and ambitious at foregone, space of future of economy of “ new ” is infinite.

As long as the government is being superintended, serve and give aid to wait for respect policy capable, guide proper, economy of “ new ” completes help China finally the transition of new old kinetic energy, implementation economy is long-term and smooth develop.

Greet a place with a draught of “ new ” ceaselessly to economy of artificial intelligence China from Internet

Of mobile Internet gain ground, it is the one great power that economy of new ” of “ of nearly two years of China expands flourishingly. Baidu company author plum Yan Hong says, because the government is right new thing was adopted careful superintendency manner, poineering environment of China is improved continuously. But meanwhile, market environment produced bigger change, the population bonus that the most apparent is Internet is disappearing, the kinetic energy with innovation poineering new need and motivation.

This new kinetic energy, plum Yan Hong considers as artificial intelligence. If “ says Internet is before the word of dish, artificial intelligence is entree. Internet improved the communication efficiency of person and person, and artificial intelligence can let person and everythings on earth between trouble-free the ground undertakes communication; What Internet changes is the consumptive habit of people, and artificial intelligence is consumed besides further change, still can change production to make, change supply end namely. ”

A lot of domain waits in traffic, medical treatment and manufacturing industry, artificial intelligence industry of China begins to cut a figure:

Be in Guangdong, a Liyun combines local government to sponsor contest of innovation of aviation big data, 1000 planes that are the movement inside airport of Guangzhou white cloud with artificial intelligence offer safe second level to stop seat number allocation, drive slideway conflict rate to reduce 37% , help the passenger of 17% need not sit again ferry car.

Be in Beijing, a few students of Beijing industry university use the deepness study platform of Baidu, the “ sorting that developed a peach implement ” . To big, small, quality is good, the peach with bad quality, can undertake sorting automatically. SuchMachine visionThe eye that can displace a person will have the job.

Be in Shanghai, more and more hospitals begin to introduce robot assistant to participate in process of make a diagnosis and give treatment. Doctors are when clinical application, the information such as move of process of the operation that requires input patient only, pathology, cure, recrudesce, robot assistant can learn paper of book of medicine of 250 periodical, above, 15 million page through cure of 300 kinds of above choose, listed the several treatment program that accords with current condition.

Wu Cheng of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering says, when IT, artificial intelligence and China’s giant manufacturing industry photograph is united in wedlock, can imagine the tremendous thrust that its produce. Scientists are forecasted, the industrial machine number that to 2030 place of worker of every 10 thousand our country industries has is measured, will control to 300 from 49 current growth. Be in a country, agricultural and unmanned tractor, unmanned aircraft, reap a robot to will become ” of farmer of new generation “ ; Whole society gains ground use mixed service robot, interpreter, customer service, trade, the driver waits to will have artificial intelligence intervening ……

The figure that has made economy of new ” of “ of 3 pieces of cards is more lightsome

The swift and violent development of economy of “ new ” , the drive that profit from science and technology innovates, but also be caressed from what do not open a government and guide. As “ progress of new ” economy expands, become main force gradually by fresh troops, governmental policy also should change because of from time to time.

—— innovation superintends a concept: Economy of “ new ” produced huge impact to very much traditional industry, also brought a worry to social processing. It is in order to share bicycle exemple, the citizen is enjoying “ while last kilometer ” gives an advantage, urban supervisor stops chaos to put in disorder for its however and headache unceasingly.