Price of second birth paper rises considerably make fruit sell cost to increase

Published on 2018-11-26

[China is packed presswork industrial net market is dynamic (push, graph)]

Paper of “ second birth a day of one price, and appear shortage phenomenon ” this is staff member of the center of price of bureau of prices of county of abundant of city of Jiangsu province Xuzhou that monitor the tea when thorough on September 15 Song Lou, big Sha He presses down survey tastes manager of paperboard mill Sun Qiankun to mirror.

As we have learned, second birth paper (waste paper makes a starch, the paper that former oar fine dried noodles produces) the price in last few years all the time very stable, and from November 2016 the portion begins to enter rise quickly phenomenon, make terminal paper case sale price is overall on tone, drive fruit grower to sell fruit cost to increase accordingly.

   One, price of second birth paper rises considerably, go up compared to the same period185%

According to abundant county tea the box that taste paper packs manager of limited company Sun Qiankun to introduce: Second birth paper was 5700 yuan into valence a few days ago / or so tons, rise than August 700 yuan, go up 14% ; Rise than July 1200 yuan, go up 26.67% ; Rise than June 1700 yuan, go up 42.5% ; Rise than May 2000 yuan, go up 54.05% ; Than last year the corresponding period rises 3700 yuan, go up panel height is achieved 185% .

As we have learned, second birth paper is at present main replenish onr’s stock originates and other places of Heibei, Henan, appear phenomenon of short-term be in short supply happens from time to tome. “ because the uncertainty of value of second birth paper, cause our works Sun Qiankun of many yuan of 19 ” said loss August, distributors of “ paper box undertakes 15 days ordering goods ahead of schedule mostly (some earlier) , the price is to press the making cost at that time to add sound profit system to decide; And rise ceaselessly as a result of value of second birth paper, make paper box makes cost increase considerably, cause our company loss. ”

2, fruit packs box price to go up in the round tone, go up compared to the same period 50%

The price monitors data to show: A few days ago paper box (with electric business the box that pack is exemple) sale price is 3.6 yuan / or so, rise than September 10 0.2 yuan, go up 6.06% ; Than August the corresponding period rises 0.4 yuan, go up 12.5% ; Than last year the corresponding period rises 1.2 yuan, go up 50% .

According to big Sha He Li Cui of paper box distributors introduces: Box price shows the paper after from 2017 the Spring Festival passes to rise point-blank trend, we are big Sha Heping begins to mature in succession from 6 if really appear on the market, paper box sale also is begin to be added gradually from 6 much. A few days ago everyday box of sales volume paper is controlled 2000 times, reduce 500 or so than last year, decrease in 33.33% .

“ paper box is made is the tea of main reason ” that terminal sale price rises director of Sun Qiankun of the limited company that pack says the case that taste paper, production cost of box of “ current paper is in 3.4 yuan / or so, than 2016 cost raises 1.5 yuan / . Rise in price the sales volume that causes paper case decreases apparently, a few days ago everyday order makes an appointment with box of 20 thousand paper, more than reducing an in part 2016, decrease a 50% above. ”

  3, of price of paper box terminal rise, make fruit sell cost to increase

Press down Yue Zhuang according to big Sha He Tao Tao of Hao of village fruit grower introduces: The fruit of current maturity basically is Jin Shuaiping fruit, grand before Fuji apple, white crisp pear, the other place buys traveling trader in great quantities less, basically rely on a net to go up to make work into be on sale currently. Average the sale price of every box is in 40-45 yuan (bag of Jiang Zhehu Anhui mails) , and the price kept balance basically 2016. Malic price and about the same last year, and the chest that pack is swelled very big however. 5 kilograms fruit packs one box cost is controlled in 6 yuan about, more than last year defray is close 1.5 yuan, amplitude 33.33% .

Fruit of sale of every atmospherics business is in Tao Tao of fruit grower Hao 100 box left and right sides, with respect to paper box this raises 150 yuan of cost euqally. By this token, of value of second birth paper rise pull moved paper box price to go up in the round tone, raised the sale cost of fruit grower.

   4, the main reason that paper rises in price and later period are forecasted

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, demand is climbed litre, crop decreases, the main reason that weighs the 3 big factors such as filling inventory to will drive paper to rise. Papermaking industry from last year 3 quarters end, the four seasons is spent begin to enter first rise passageway, reform as a result of supply side on one hand, the country falls into disuse stage by stage backward produce can, a few miniature paper mills are shut gradually; On the other hand the high pressure as a result of environmental protection policy, some environmental protection do not amount to the enterprise of mark to also be closed to stop.

As four quarters consumptive climax comes, pack will increase considerably with paper, the price of later period paper still will maintain perch move.