Express is packed peace is much not little blame good plan

Published on 2018-11-26

[ChinaPack pressworkWind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation of trade of industrial net cable (graph)]

Develop flourishingly in electric business today, the “ express big state that we had become be worthy of ” , sent and receive express to become people the thing of daily life be accustomed to sth. However, the people is enjoyed convenient service, while the businessman gets profit, brought heavy burden to the environment however. Outer packingPolybag, paper box, filler, commodity takes the …… that pack oneself normally, a net buys commodity to send a client the three-layer outside be being wrapped to get li of three-layer on the hand, sometimes packing weight exceeds commodity itself even. Express is excessive packing is common phenomenon, although such packing costly, arduous, but many electric business to carry safety, choose “ peace is much not little ” .

The author gets online constantly shop to have experience greatly also, in express bag mount uses overmuch bad news material, undoubted meeting brings about express weight and bulk to rise, make distribute with receive wrap up to have inconvenience more. And, express packs use industrial raw material often not easy degradation and processing, excessive pack waste resource to still can cause environmental pollution not only. I ever had tried bare-handed below the circumstance that does not have appropriate tool open excessive those who pack is express, the bandbox with heavy adhesive plaster and multilayer inside and outside gives mutual stagger demolish bring very great difficulty, take time is arduous.

Administer the excessive problem that pack, want on one hand from system proceed with, perfect relevant law laws and regulations stage by stage, yesThe material that packUse quantity has more specific and accurate regulation, groom through increasing flow of strength, normative operation, avoid needless excessive pack; Should advocate on the other hand establish pack low carbonization concept, pack should green of have sth in mind develops, should encourage enterprise businessman to popularize a technology actively the new product of advanced, energy-saving environmental protection applies mediumly in the industry, decrease close send, sorting, hair, carry, the link such as deliver is used up to environmental pollution and resource; Additional, guide what consumer consciousness coordinates express business to reclaim behavior, implementation rubbish classification reclaims with renewable resources.