3D is printed, individuation is custom-built, consumption upgrades appear new trend

Published on 2018-11-26

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See be used to table computer square Founder lead plane box, when appearance of a money cruel dazzles, show trigonometry model, “ is out of shape King Kong ” box is placed before you, whether can you let you shine at the moment? Want to send the child a personalized cup that belongs to him only, in the home can 3D prints a product, does cruel dazzle convenient?

The reporter visited enterprise discovery recently, a batch undertake according to demand of user be fond of custom-built the company that turns production, and individuation of “ of contented and average consumer is custom-built the family expenses 3D of ” demandPrinterThe product is in emerge in large numbers. And the backside that supports this one new pattern, new business is the consumptive trend that changing sadly: Feeling of type of individuation, setting, experience is valued for people place more.

   Enterprise “ individuation is custom-built ” production warms up

The space is not large, product enough cruel, employee is quite current. In Guangzhou developing zone treasure fills large building of electronic business affairs, liu Chao of director of resource of manpower of limited company of science and technology of network of hand of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease revealed a company to be a deployed water-cooling system computer with custom-built user to the reporter: The “ that open wide is out of shape box of type of King Kong ” , its interior construction is clear and visible, draw lessons from a car refrigerant fluid principle and use water-cooling comes loose hot system lets core fittings drop in temperature faster, performance is better.

“ user can issue sheet on the net, choose the hardware configuration of different parameter. We according to client demand, come again custom-built assemble computer. ” Liu Chao says, custom-built computer price differs to on 10 thousand yuan in thousands of yuan, but market demand is very big, only the shipment of a month measures water-cooling machine to amount to about a hundred.

The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, from the type of popular goods of dependable quality that depends on big plant order production produces change to individuation, many enterprises cast off the development mode that contends for the market by right of low before, be on sale of support characteristic brand to scramble the development new way of the market.

Notable is, a few big companies also begin to change individuation to production. Build Haierke to inspect interconnection plant in recent years like Er of of great capacity of company of old brand home appliance, break traditional plant close mode, turn and be opposite directly with consumer receive, the product that makes an user OK undertake individuation is custom-built, freedom chooses product volume, design, function.

   3D prints a family, let consumer become “ individuation custom-built ” main body

Besides individuation of support industry “ custom-built ” acquires characteristic product outside, print technical development as 3D, increasing face individuation of average consumer “ the product of printer of family expenses 3D of custom-built ” demand is in emerge in large numbers.

Guangzhou citizen thanks a lady to pay close attention to 3D to print the new trend of the industry, new product all the time. In recent years, 3D is printed develop in domain of medical treatment, war industry swift and violent, it is certain that Xie Nv person thinks to develop application to arrive in a certain domain when new technology level, can produce “ technology to spill over ” effect, let average consumer also can be benefited hereat. “ is bought much machine-made handicraft, also think the point is fresh and special. I am wanting to there can be a small 3D printer in the home, him design is gadgety, be in the home to be able to print a product. ” thanks a lady to laughing to say.

In fact, the setting that thanks lady place expectation already became reality. One key starts pushbutton, await the left and right sides 20 minutes, the plastic toy of a purple santa Claus small trailer “ appear vividly at the moment ” , making those who make this young toy is the 3D printer that limited company of science and technology of intelligence of Guangzhou violet center produces.

The company carries out trustee Liu Wen Jun to tell a reporter, with the “ high-grade ” such as stamp official, blood-vessel copy gives birth to material to differ, this 3D printer basically is to print plastic data, face a family namely at the beginning kind average consumer, the value is more relative civilian.