Dug: The number pressworks two revolution of pair of course of study that pack

Published on 2018-11-26

In many industries, the number pressworked to had replaced major traditional exercise kind, of be the first to be affected wait like advertisement.

However, the number pressworks packing an industry gain ground slower, those stay in the digital machine in the enterprise, can produce their advantage also be confined to draw a design and recall scene, still take pain to at the same time carrying on the demand of personalized small order with constant in a steady stream. Pack an industry not to need to come really the ablution of mode of a number? In the course of study that pack experienced bosses are afraid should hold crosscurrent to this.

The number pressworks the advantage is clear, if save economic and flow, artificial, without seam change odd, implementation alterable data pressworks, still can not have with manufacturing management system in addition seam a butt joint, reduce redundant loss greatly.

The actual profit that the number pressworks to be brought to the course of study that pack wants more apparent, be in especially environmental protection pressure is too great nowadays, paper value insanity rises and packing of electronic business affairs flows to develop at full speed when the mouth, the number pressworks the profit drop that the technology can give company creation to have value more, be like personalized order, more the order demand with more substantial power of the short sheet that gets used to mode of electronic business affairs, expression.

It is what reason after all, make does the number presswork to did not hold the ” of “ half of country of the course of study that pack? —— sees advertising, be replaced by digital place entirely almost.

The number pressworks packing course of study gain ground, need revolution twice: The first is to produce can revolution, the 2nd is image revolution.

Tower above goods measures ability to bring profit for the enterprise, even if small order carries on, also need to make consign period the shortest, the meaning ability of such numbers is reflected truly. At present the low yield on market can scanning typeDigital printing machine, of course its are put in value, but once encounter,estimate a bit bigger production demand a little, cannot be competent.

In addition, although be based on digitlization information to manage, stability of digital black-and-white colour and consistent performance get assuring adequately quite, but the characteristic as a result of chipboard and digital inky character, digital colour gamut should be less than a tradition to presswork. This has an image revolution with respect to need, let a number presswork develop the largest dominant position, let a number presswork for example creation more the diversification, design manuscript that has a vision to pound the effect more, make good steel is used on edge.

To revolution of these two numbers, han Hua industry is already thorough among them, obtained global positive result.