Chinese newspaper how sweep the deck reader of China and foreign countries?

Published on 2019-12-10

Get attention fully although already fell,global spaceflight explored congress 2017 next heavy curtain, but as our country exclusive the newspaper of industry of high-tech of spaceflight of an authority introduction, ” Chinese spaceflight signs up for ” engineer hand-in-hand travel for this grand meeting the report of 4 column, of the strong, incidence of the deepness of sufficient, report of its pre-construction wide, it may be said is the report of type of “ schoolbook ” .

Newspaper of a piece of Chinese how reader of China and foreign countries of ” of “ sweep the deck? If why standing fast,they are professional position while break academic doorsill, make industry great event causes the attention upsurge of all trades and professions? We and look ” Chinese spaceflight signs up for ” actual combat sees true order.

Precondition shifts to an earlier date warm-up

It is early in a few months before congress is held, ” Chinese spaceflight signs up for ” sponsor orgnaization development to communicate with congress, to the ginseng of this second congress meeting honored guest and main topic for discussion undertook sufficient desk preparation works. In the meantime, union is collected organize a group gather is numerous wisdom the concoctive plan focusing that drafts covers a focal point severally, establish reportorial group to wait, clear responsibility divides the work. Is goddess in the moon explored 5 numbers to Chinese deep space what sense is there? What tentative idea does European aerospace bureau have about moon international collaboration? Company of horse of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces carries person space to explore a project what to have the professional issue that newest progress …… is taking these to have specific aim, " Chinese spaceflight signs up for " in the ” of reportorial “ battle that reporters throw sumptuous dinner of this international space navigation in succession.

On March 24, ” Chinese spaceflight signs up for ” 1 edition print is sent ” congress of global spaceflight exploration was in Beijing to hold in June ” one article, the information that is about to hold the earliest to congress of warm-up of social all circles. On April 12, ” global spaceflight explored congress 2017 (GLEX) begins to register sign up! ” to joining meeting way is mixed register means to wait had service story. On May 5, ” Chinese spaceflight signs up for ” print is sent ” in June, and see global spaceflight elite talk Beijing ” , the attention that lifted a society is spent, cause each big media reprints a report.

After this, council of organization of place of congress of global spaceflight exploration held water 2017 and the progress message such as first time conference, ” Chinese spaceflight signs up for ” all give dog in time report. These consecutive early days warm-up, hold for what global spaceflight explored congress 2017 build gave nervous, expectant atmosphere.

Monograph reports focusing China and foreign countries

To be in charge of " Chinese spaceflight signs up for ·2017 year monograph of congress of global spaceflight exploration " for editor Yang Lei, how to let —— of reader of China and foreign countries of ” of sweep the deck of “ of newspaper of a piece of Chinese satisfy the requirement of domestic reader already, the heart of capture abroad reader, it is the greatest tangle when receiving monograph to edit the task.

If character of utmost ground slam the door, mix with elegant congress photograph the picture is analytic those who regard newspaper as layout advocate fundamental key, although can capture the eyeball of foreign reader, cannot satisfy domestic reader to be opposite however the demand of information content of whole plenary meeting. Same, report a lot of and wonderful special subject of congress with ground of literal full and accurate, although can let domestic reader very ” of “ satisfy one’s thirst, however will naturally prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is many foreign reader. Final ” Chinese spaceflight signs up for ” adopted method is, let just use the base map of ”—— of costar of layout “ all ages that perfect to instigate originally crossbeam. Deep space of 3 edition “ explores combinative special issue the theme of ” of forward position technology, the base map of newspaper is reductive the share that the mankind has inside solar system in last few years probes an activity. Come so, even if of base map of huge of a piece of information content does not have literal introduction, also can a string of 1 the appetite of many foreign readers, attract them to be read further. ” Chinese spaceflight signs up for ” do not reduce congress in a bit while wonderful content reports, still added the arrangement table of agenda of morrow key conference, understand for domestic reader before today the special subject meeting that congress circumstance can attend the next day selectively.

Stereo report travels extensively