Corrugated paper price relatively the beginning of the year glides 7.2% still be in higher level compared to the same period

Published on 2018-11-26

Up to on June 30, 2017, our countryCorrugated paperThe whole nation all price closes at 3780 yuan / ton, relatively the beginning of the year (4075 yuan / ton) drop 295 yuan / ton, drop first half of the year amount to 7.2% , but still be in higher level compared to the same period.

It is 2013—2017 below year corrugated paper whole nation all price goes situation:

Rose in October 2016, because the RMB devalues, carriage cost of increase sharply of environmental protection pressure, coal is pulled go up wait for element influence, insanity of domestic paper value rises, base paper of rows of tiles on a roof breaks through 4000 yuan / ton nod high in recent years. And this year in Feburary around, because industry peak period already passed, paper price ever appeared to be reduced centrally, dropped to the end of cereal in March, but because waste paper rises in price stock of the look forward to that reach paper is small wait for all sorts of elements, corrugated paper price go up again tone, be in perch at present.

Corrugated paper is short-term inside be in off-season, short-term paper price falls predicting conference is small but won’t steep fall, and enter September after busy season, downstream demand is carried brace up, the supply of filling inventory element and waste paper is nervous value of metropolis support paper has the space that continues to rise. At the same time environmental protection superintend and director checks the job to will undertake continuously, papermaking industry stops be restricted to produce a situation relatively first half of the year or all the more is serious, corrugated paper is supplied will decrease considerably, or will drive corrugated paper to rise in price further.