From 2016 light industrial 100 strong, did you see a few meanings of the trend papermaking industry grows?

Published on 2018-11-26

A few days ago, center of information of Chinese light industry announced “2016 year Chinese light industry ” of 100 strong companies, sea Er group is without be concerned about again continue to hold a title head of a list of names posted up, china peaceful group, morning cries industry of paper industry, nine dragon paper, sun paper industry ascends with outstanding outstanding achievement before the body 15 strong, industry of Jin Dong paper and Chinese paper industry a new force suddenly rises, be seleted for the first time, the platoon arrived the 26th mix 31.

Enterprise of 10 China papermaking enters 100 strong list

The prospective trend that we analyse Chinese papermaking industry from the respect such as the production value of the enterprise that enter a list of names posted up, gain, innovation:

1: Capacity of company put oneself in another’s position expands ceaselessly, the industry is spent centrally continue to rise

A few this years the government upgrades through encouraging company transition, increase environmental protection to supervise the measure such as strength, large quantities of one papermaking enterprises that do not accord with industrial policy are exited or by annex. Large papermaking enterprise depends on capital and environmental protection advantage, enlarge production, 40% what the crop the sum of the 10 papermaking business that enters pop chart is close to total output of 2016 China papermaking, and 32% what entered the papermaking company output of pop chart to hold total output only 2014.

2: Paper value sole picks up, enterprise benefit grows

The last few years, papermaking enterprise is adjusting product structure ceaselessly, surplus problem got partial product be improved certainly, most product is forming new market to balance. From 2016 second half of the year begins, paper value sole rebounds, the situation of before papermaking enterprise was cast off a few years of small profit, return to reasonable profit interval.

Can see from inside the annals of these enterprises, the profit photograph of papermaking enterprise differs than growing 40-100% 2015, add fast in the be among the best of candidates in 100 strong companies, the rank advanced on average 5.

3: Large company stabilizes dominant force for the market

2017 first half of the year, it is a few small paper only originally look forward to rises in price, belong to an enterprise specific action, did not form dimensions state, enter June, base paper price appears to rise quickly again trend, large paper look forward to has seen paper value soares the crisis of backside, majority expressed the view that rises in price to paying no attention to a gender, , and had begun stabilize paper value, large paper look forward to showed the attitude that bears the blame to the industry, maintain the stable development of papermaking industry jointly.

4: Environmental protection cost cannot be ignored

Enter 2017, mix as environmental protection policy the system is more strict, system, perfect, can force the enterprise increases investment, and drive up produces cost. Paper value will be given priority to with stability 2017, the possibility that steep fall is very little, rigid after all cost is raising.

5: Electric business values level low, progress of ” of “ touch net is slow

In the electric Shang Baijiang that releases in the corresponding period, have sun paper industry only the one a list of names posted up on the home, visible paper mill returns confine generally to the understanding of Internet and electric business to be in consumptive level, the innovation understanding on the production that brings type of production the company to Internet and sale mode is insufficient still. The enterprise changes implementation to produce through informatization, big data, intelligence, for, sell best configuration, offer the service with low price of fast and convenient, qualitative actor to will become future to need to the client the road of classics.

6: Scientific research funds is occupied less than slanting, development new breed is little

Average level occupies funds of scientific research of 2016 100 strong companies income comparing is 2.88% , papermaking enterprise is insufficient 2% , difference is bigger, progress of new product development is slower, the product is coessential change serious, cause the market competition is intense.

2016, the raise after Chinese papermaking industry ors first, in a lot of first half of the year adverse element the influence falls, second half of the year walks out of predicament, accomplished manufacturing operation to keep basic and smooth, achieved balance of produce and sale.

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