Big a group of things with common features coronal China laser model is cut- - after real figure imprints, equip

Published on 2018-11-26

 Laser crosses setting of bound black-and-white technology
Since 1960 the mankind after the first laser comes out, the 4 big inventions that laser technology makes society of 20 centuries mankind (nuclear energy, semiconductor, computer and laser) one of, changing human life ceaselessly!
Go 20 years especially, laser illuminates plate making of platoon, laser, laser is printed, the laser technology such as laser sculpture before imprinting, mix a lot of important segment in imprinting realized digitlization, let the mankind presswork happen to change revolutionarily.
Now laser technology introduces domain of the treatment after imprinting again nowadays, let pack after imprinting, machine by imitate of mechanical knife model, become laser model to cut digital treatment! What fold carton and business of commercial ticket treatment can enjoy laser model to cut digitlization solution place to bring truly is efficient with flexibility.
  The model after the tradition that lags behind at the times imprints cuts treatment:
The tradition pressworks the model after imprinting cuts need mould to machine –Knife model
Traditional and rigid standard cuts need to make knife stencil, common knife model is board knife model and model of knife of round knife roller. Be in China, the majority pressworks what the factory uses is board knife model. The need of board knife model that make is specific and auxiliary equip, be like all sorts of cut machine and machete machine, and in making a process actually, most working procedure still needs knife stencil to be finished by hand, ask to making staff technology standard so very tall, caused moulding of high level knife to make labour will be begged hard then, manpower cost involves the awkward situation that rise ceaselessly.
Waste a large number of manpower, man-hour, cost of material, the knife model that expends setbacks to get however can corresponding one batch vivid source, after using, abandon namely! A few presswork the knife model that the mill rejects often leaves factory with truck transport everyday destroy by melting or burning, not only should assume freight, assume place of model of knife of destroy by melting or burning to require high artificial cost even. Additionally knife stencil still needs installation to be cut in specific rigid standard machine (Tiger machine (Pi machine) round planish model cuts machine circle to press round model to cut machine) go up to just can be used, a bit more special knife model is transformed even even or additionally custom-built and rigid standard is cut machine!
Times changes, the number is alterable data pressworks technical development, plus at present print more and more the demand of small lot, short edition and individuation, after the tradition imprints, rigid standard is cut more and more incommensurate, be opposite especially time limit for a project is short, the curve is complex, the vivid source with tall precision can hope to need to promote only sigh helpless.
   Laser model cuts the outfit after real figure imprints
Laser model is cut say to count matrix to cut again, its are the biggest the advantage is to be below the control of the computer, can set cut pattern arbitrarily, need not make pattern plate, leave out the trouble of model of the knife that make, shortened greatly the model cuts a pattern, the time of delivery. Because laser light beam is very careful, can all sorts of curves that model of cut machinery knife cannot finish, after cutting a technology to imprint for the representing’s digitlization with laser model so emerge as the times require.
   Big a group of things with common features coronal China laser model cuts carven principle
Big a group of things with common features coronal China laser model cuts engraving tool to use 3 axes trends Zhen Jing technology! Its job principle is to will stimulate beam of light incident to two illuminator (Zhen Jing) go up, control an angle of refraction of illuminator to spend with the computer, these two illuminator can scan along axis of X, Y respectively, achieve the deflexion that stimulates beam of light thereby, the laser focusing dot that makes have certain power density cuts the requirement that needs by place on sculpture material to move in the model, laser makes aerification of exterior material instant, be in thereby material apparently stay to cut mark permanently.
Big a group of things with common features coronal China laser model is cut engine is main by lens of lens of deflexion of laser, XY, focusing (before focusing / hind focusing) , the computer (labour accuses machine) , cold water machine and mechanical and electric platform form.
Big a group of things with common features coronal China laser model cuts what engraving tool uses is technology of 3 axes trends (the focusing before 3D) model of the focusing before 3D cuts sculpture technology to have following advantages:
One, the model cuts limits bigger, smooth effect is more careful.
Focusing optics mode uses lens of bigger XY axis deflexion before, can conduct laser facula bigger, focusing precision is better, energy effect is much better, the model cuts sculpture range is bigger.
2, through automatic scorch but the model cuts sculpture different ply material.
Focusing optics mode changes laser focal length and laser before bundle the position, the model cuts sculpture not to suffer curved surface effect, OK and effective model cuts the surface rough whole, the material with conflicting on any account, raise a model to cut sculpture to machine efficiency.
3, can undertake deepness model cuts sculpture.
When model of the focusing after 2D cuts sculpture, the model cuts central issue of the laser in carving a process move on the meeting, the laser energy in object surface meets action to drop quickly, affect the effect of deep carve and efficiency badly, because this wants shift of floating lifting platform to adjust focal length, technology of the focusing before 3D does not need such adjustment.
   The advantage of laser beam machining:
1, treatment mode is advanced, efficiency is tall, the physics that won’t change treatment article is characteristic, can finish the technology that a few groovy methods cannot implement;
2, rate of laser beam machining is rapid, cost is low, full automatic, can come true to undertake to article on product line high speed, efficient automation is machined;
3, accord with environmental protection requirement, laser beam machining is avirulent and harmless, it is the treatment means of a kind of safe cleanness;
4, laser mark is OK and permanent maintain, conventional treatment craft imitates the peculiar effect that laser labels hard, because this stimulates optical mark to be in performance of the respect that prevent bogus is superior;
5, laser model cuts the product serial number that can think product mark is unique, the identifying of facilitating product and date from, support entire yard to make.
  Laser model cuts use cost low
Big a group of things with common features coronal China laser model cuts engraving tool to maintain rate is extremely low, laser of radio frequency of crucial part —— is in charge of, service life is in above of 20 thousand hours, assume one year the job presses this facility 300 days, every Nature’s engineering makes 8 Xiaoshi calculate, criterion the service life of this equipment is 6-8 year.
Laser changes convenient, every groups of charge are less than 20 thousand yuan, only half weekday can be finished change.
Besides mix with report artificial besides, did not have all sorts of all sorts of bad news material, auxiliary equipment, all sorts of cost that cannot control are useless!
Laser model cuts the use cost of machine almost negligible not plan!
   Laser model cuts field of engraving tool application
Big a group of things with common features coronal China does laser model cut engraving tool to apply extensively at: ?
Laser model cuts a technology to replace technique of mechanical knife model, it is a revolution that the model after imprinting cuts a field!