CCTV dogs investigation: Stop production of paper box factory stops caustic, the user that pack abandans paper box!

Published on 2018-11-26

Afterwards on July 2, after channel of CCTV finance and economics undertook dogging reportorial to the paper value that soare on July 4, on July 6 of channel of CCTV finance and economics ” economic information broadcast over a radio network ” column, rise in the light of paper value again the problem undertakes sequel reports, this CCTV reporter visited company of factory of box of a few paper and paper box user, understand them to be in deep soare the place below paper value.

   Raw material is mad go up, paper box factory is helpless stop production stops caustic

Recently since a few months, waste paper, base paper rises in price tide receives again, what send not closely in demand is off-season, Corrugated paperthe price just 2800 yuan from April / or so tons 3450 yuan when go up to June / or so tons, go up more than 20% .

As price of upriver raw material rise, chipboard price also when the river rises the boat goes up too, cause the paper box price with industrial downstream catenary finally all the way raise, but because do not have method to continue to pressure of cost of market marry again, the place of paper box factory particularly hard. Be in bead the Dongguan that factory of trigonometry paper box centers most and Shenzhen, two ground focussed factory of box of about 8000 paper, as a result of profitless it is deficit even, factory of box of a few paper is helpless already stop production.

Guangdong Dongguan city tastes Wang Xiaoya of limited company general manager into beneficial paper: At the beginning of June 1.47 yuan (every 1000 square inch) , go to 22, 24, 26 number rises 3 days continuously 2.2 yuan (every 1000 square inch) , the thing extent of a many money probably (went up) 40% .

Wang Xiaoya tells a reporter, because price of paper raw material appeared in April 2017,rise, chipboard price rose quickly in June subsequently, enter June, she receives the fax moving price of upriver chipboard enterprise ceaselessly, tone price not only extent tall and frequency is a lot of faster, the cost pressure that allows her so is climbed ceaselessly litre, likewise a lot of more downstream paper box factory also unawares, the enterprise begins deficit.

Bright and beautiful heart of Guangdong Dongguan city is industrial Yuan Yuting of limited company general manager: The wool profit that our newspaper goes out is in paper box industry 25% the left and right sides, so it (chipboard) go up exceed our range, at present production is deficit. According to will tell a wane normally tens of thousands of money, 100 thousand Qian Zun are right.

Qi Jia paper of Guangdong Dongguan city tastes Fang Guangyi of limited company manager: If the word of my start working, I may connect material money I should arrive fortunately 30% , 40% even 50% , if I not the word of start working, I may be the factory is hired artificial, the likelihood is a bit more deficient, if I am caught (do) , do so that thanks to morer more.

Below this kind of circumstance, a lot of enterprises begin stop production to stop caustic, rise in price considerably to boycott upriver manufacturer at the same time, factory of box of a few paper acts jointly, stop upstream to order, prevent to be purchased centrally continue to push tall chipboard price.

Products of paper of Guangdong Dongguan city makes guild chairman Lin Qing: (We) ask everybody does not go the first times namely for blindly him avoid cost goes overly goes to the order inside follow-up market hand purchasing centrally entirely, with the client here can go becoming an explanation, make a client not excessive also be purchased centrally.

   Cost of the box that pack turns over times, the user that pack abandans paper box to change pack

As price of market raw material rise, paper box price also when the river rises the boat goes up too, with a paper box of 5 money was the end of the year 2016 exemple, had gone up to 9 money at present, top price achieved 11 yuan during, face the paper box price that rises ceaselessly, the enterprise must be searched other the packing product that replace.

Chen Hao is Dongguan the tall canal that paper of a metals tastes an enterprise, he rises ceaselessly to the closest priceWrapping paperBox feels quite headache, almost negligible not plan cost of the box that pack broke up between 7 months one times much, the company must begin to use other data to pack.

100 million outstanding hardware products of Guangdong Dongguan city Chen Hao of limited company vise general manager: Burgeoning of cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side of use this kind of woolThe material that pack, when we assemble this kind of tinier product, can install hundreds of, fold even rise can achieve thousands of, our adhesive plaster pesters direct carry to arrive client, begin to be able to be used, the likelihood is compared the outer packing of paper box is even cheap now 20% .