CCTV report | Farmhouse bookstore: The culture that help strength helps deficient up to enhance culture self-confidence

Published on 2018-11-26

Regard our country as one of 5 big major project that common culture serves, farmhouse bookstore project, begin from 2005 pilot since, end 2012, the whole nation had built farmhouse bookstore to exceed 600 thousand, enclothe all administrative village basically. Driving our country culture to help deficient up, difference of contractible and urban and rural culture, increase respect of farmer culture self-confidence, made enormous contribution.

On July 15, 2017, news of centrally TV station in 30 minutes of columns, to the construction of farmhouse bookstore project the circumstance had integrated story:

   About farmhouse bookstore

Farmhouse bookstore is to be contented farmer culture to need, build in administrative village, him farmer manages, can offer a farmer print of practical books and newspaper is symphonious the commonweal sex culture that reads condition of seeing and hearing like electronic product serves establishment. The practical books that in principle of each farmhouse bookstore can read for borrowing not less than 1000, the press not less than 30 kinds, electronic sound resembles product not less than 100 kinds (piece) , have conditional area, can increase the publication such as periodical of newspaper of books of regular proportional network, network, network.