Internet the second half: Presswork of electric business change with changeless

Published on 2018-11-26

Do not know from when to rise, presswork electric business becomes a “ to show learn ” , participate in, the character that look on calls report business surely, do not say to nod electric business to upgrade with industry transition namely it seems that break away from. At the beginning, internet person sings leading role in course of study of electric trading company, the tradition that makes do not know Internet imprints bosses of look forward to are colourful admire while, also feel bottom air is inadequate. But after entering the second half from Internet, a lot of people think the business that make report knows Internet merely again insufficient still, must get recursive commerce essence.

So, after all what is just ” of essence of “ regression commerce? " Chinese news publishs wide cable " the reporter is in the 5th China of —24 day pressworked on March 23 electric business was heard on annual meeting of electronic business affairs delegate, imprint elite of look forward to is right the development of this one problem is discussed.


” is killed to change from “ photograph below the line on the line “ ” loving each other

4 years ago, many pressworking the enterprise is faced presswork when electric business, always fear oneself raw sense is grabbed; After 4 years, the tradition pressworks company operation is gotten pretty good, however a few presswork electric business was immersed in confused. Although a few presswork,electric business obtains financing, but they had not arrived greatly to the consequence of the industry heavy model pressworks the degree of market structure. Be still the line falls on the line? Apparent, this is not a only selection of subject any more, shirt-sleeve ability falling with the line on the line is the path of development.

“ this world is exclusive and changeless is change. ” Shandong century opens what the change in Guo Zhijiang mouth points to president of yuan of limited company of electronic business affairs is the century opens yuan of large action that will have, with the line next photographs are united in wedlock on the line. All the time since, the user on “100% line, wireless user ”“100% direct user, having acting ” to wait is the century leaves yuan bright characteristic. But be in nowadays if refer commerce is essential when the problem, guo Zhijiang realized “ changes ” : “ is new retail times, presswork where is the new opportunity of electric business? Depend on change actually. Electronic business affairs already entered integrated phase, a lot of people are not to cannot see, because more shows utilitarian increase,not be willing to change however. ”

In fact, of new retail idea brush screen to result from Ma Yun of of Chairman Alibaba board of directors is in 2016 Hangzhou the speech on Yun Qi congress. Ma Yun expresses, , will have electronic business affairs no longer this one view, the line on the line falls and content shedding must be united in wedlock together, ability is born true new retail. Times of business of “ pure cable has gone, new retail era comes. ” cleans out treasure enterprise to serve chief Zhang Rui to look in Alibaba, be based on product, data and operation 3 person be united in wedlock, realizing essence of life to allow butt joint of setting kimono Wu for the center with the user will be the steamer ticket that leads to future.

New 3 board since of net of violet cloud of platform of business of the cable below banner of violet cloud of the grand in the enterprise is such. “ pressworks from paper sale fight in some places one by one Internet, the line on hand-in-hand travel line leaves position, violet cloud net is making joint-stock source, compose establishs industrial Internet pattern. Presiding operation Guan Lijing indicates net of ” violet cloud, one of advantages of electric business depend on can getting more and scattered order through Internet, but of terminal user the difficult problem that getting is company of numerous cable business all the time however. For this, violet cloud net opens store of the experience below the line, inn of the door below the line that often goes through the user pressworks discharge drainage to the cloud platform.


Service of commercial essence product still is kingcraft

Revolution of “ science and technology brought tremendous change and a lot of cacophony to the market, but as controller, in cannot losing business most the thing of core. Below current new business environment, want ‘ wins ’ , must the regulation of comply with commerce, return to commercial essence. ” is managing Great Master Jackie · Welch " commercial essence " in one book, he goes ten years to passing commerce changes undertook think over and be summinged up. To pressworking industry, commercial essence just depends on the quality of the bond of fair justice and product and service, its decided market share and vendibility.