10 intelligence carefe reclaims machine became bad half aperture by crowded rubbish

Published on 2020-09-08

Recently, the citizen mirrors Beijing fast and public transportation the intelligent carefe of 2 lines along the line reclaims good luck breakdown cannot be used. Visit in the reporter, staff member of public transportation platform says, ever saw company somebody will receive carefe, but the machine became bad wh what month does not see the person will repair however. To this, this company customer service expresses to already recorded a case, will the staff member is overhauled to the spot.

As we have learned, fast and public transportation the each station of 2 lines has an intelligence carefe to reclaim almost machine, but 10 Taichun have 5 to be breakdown machine, cannot use.

   Plastic bottleReclaim airplane is crowded rubbish

Yesterday midday, what the reporter will to the citizen mention is fast and public transportation 2 lines decide blessing bank station. The machine to road can be used normally seemingly, the machine shows, at present the carefe of all norms all is 5 minutes of money, after two according to the directive empty carefe throws a machine, a variety of choices that return profit appear on screen. One cartoon of choice “ after ” , the reporter is wanting to put one cartoon in inductive area according to clew, this ability discovers customary response area is already ulterly changed, after the fender of inductive division is missing, the space inside by crowded all sorts of rubbish such as the bag that pack, waste paper, cigarette case. On Dan Bing act however immediately indication “ does not have C to mark as a result of facilities account or card body, cannot read ” of date extraction card. Subsequently, the reporter throws a carefe again, according to clew the choice downloaded client end, obtain coupon of a piece of commodity.

And the platform that deciding side of north of road of blessing bank station, intelligent beverage reclaims machine be in Hei Bing condition all the time, cannot use at all. The staff member of public transportation station introduces, the machine of here is already bad at least superabundant in January, but did not see somebody will repair all the time.

   10Station machine half cannotUse

Subsequently, the reporter stands again, the machine of the platform can be used normally to road, of road north side is a Hei Bing likewise. The staff member of public transportation station tells a reporter, often see somebody is gone to inside cast carefe, also see the staff member receives bottle regularly, but do not see somebody will maintain. Once an old lady is carrying “ large bag is holding a lot of bottle, pound here next roused 10 come minute be cast completely. Originally this machine is quite good, used person is not little also, but it is breakdown be too much really. ” introduces according to her, only fast and public transportation 2 lines along the line has ten intelligence beverage to reclaim machine it is the ” of “ corpse machine that cannot use.

The reporter visits discovery subsequently, direction of rising sun of edge of Cong Dingfu village reachs 10 lis of fort on the west, the 10 intelligence carefe of two side reclaims in machine, having 5 is status of completely black hold, in 5 machines that still can run in addition, also have the damage with differ degree.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter dials this to reclaim the customer service phone of the company mirrors this matter, before after the other side records specific drop, expressing to will have a staff member, go to maintenance breakdown machine.