Is plastic bottle packed whether replace vitreous bottle to be accepted by place of wine line of business?

Published on 2019-12-10

PET bottle is had very strong be able to bear or endure throw a gender, weight is very light also, the PET bottle of 0.7 litres of capacities weighs 50 grams only, be weight of bottle of coequal capacity glass very one of. It is better to still be had reclaim quality, production, carry and storage cost. The plasticity that its pack a design is stronger also.

   Plastic bottlePack be accepted by place of wine line of business gradually?

Now, a lot of bishop had begun to use PET plastic bottle undertakes high-grade vinous pack. Like BodegaMatarromera bishop of Spain manorial attempt uses plastic bottle to undertake packing to excellent vintage, bishop of south Africa Welmoed is manorial also plastic bottle replaces phase-in bottle of traditional 750 milliliter glass. Marks&Spencer of general merchandise of Martha of British supermarket tycoon already also began to sell 0.25 litres of plastic and bottled red wine from 2010. Connect airline even, also be willing to use plastic and bottled bishop to serve for the passenger more!

Nevertheless, the personage inside a few course of study is not valued use plastic bottle to have alcoholic drink kind pack, the ultraviolet radiate that thinks existence of “ plastic bottle is taller and oxygen are migratory, can affect the quality of spirituosity beverage, from reduce alcoholic drink kind goods shelves expiration period. ”

According to the investigation that research organization Geisenheim makes, modern treatment craft is ameliorable the in-house air-tightness of plastic bottle, because use plastic bottle to pack the influence that tastes to wine,decrease. In addition, the plastic cap with better air-tightness, can have the bottle that has opened again sealed, thereby expiration period of can outspread goods shelves.