Waste paper suffers be restricted, double 11 order busy season drives wrapping paper mad go up

Published on 2018-11-26

Probably, become pair of 11 order firm, middleman swings dimension of price of travel of actually be changinged by serious overmeasure, hair wantonly magnate of industry of goods, paper takes waste paper smoothly to import batch of article, even certain breaks out incident, detonate bubble of base paper price likely.

“ paper price rises ceaselessly, purchase rely on basically to grab. ”

Now, come out when the market some bibcock industry should rise greatly 500-800 yuan after the message, the 2 class of Guangdong pack an enterprise to announce to halt production in succession, dispatch all force go scare buying base paper, tide of madder than last year scare buying of a base paper begins to perform again it seems that!

Meanwhile, the 2nd base paper that began in September rises in price wet again open. The white card of paper of oar of Jin Gui of paper of oar of Asia of industry of paper of China of the Ning Bo below APP banner, peaceful wave and Guangxi, copper card and food get stuck to go up at the same time move 200 yuan / ton. The sun blocks the 10 thousand countries below standard of industry of Shandong sun paper to also go up in vain move 200 yuan / ton, playing card paper go up move 300 yuan. Still have fiercer, morning cries paper industry opposite produces ticketCase draws laborious paperOne-time carry go up 1500 yuan / ton. Rise in price case, inside course of study one exclamations.

From this year since April, after paper value is being adjusted downward through, rise continuously. It is with the mill of a paperboard of Fujian spring city exemple, the quoted price that Fujian couplet filled paper industry to be aimed at this paperboard mill on September 1, 2017 had exceeded couplet to fill 2016 the top quoted price of annual (peak value is by December 2016) , go up a most paper kind more highest than last year already peak height gives 900 yuan / ton. This paperboard mill contrasted the top quoted price that the couplet that received 2017 fills dragon of nine of city of paper industry, spring and lowermost quoted price, discover two paper mill quote photograph compared his in September lowermost quoted price all appears this year relatively rise substantially, the most rising panel height amounts to nearly 2000 yuan / ton.

Paper price rises, walk along high component not to leave all the way with raw material price. Of useless chipboard of “ the beginning of the year buy price just 1600 yuan a ton, go up to 3000 yuan to control a ton now. ” basis cannot learn the information of origin, because Jiu Long, Shan Ying already will import quota to give out, prospective general imports waste paper very hard from abroad. Message, the contention to raw material turns white-hot immediately between domestic paper mill, price of Guangdong waste paper exceeds 3000 yuan generally / ton, even money does not receive waste paper.

And as A in 2017 of annual meeting conclude, “ double 11 ” and the Mid-autumn Festival are coming, indicatingWrapping paperThe industry enters consumptive peak period again. Very employer of the industry that pack expresses, produce value of the paper when off-season demand is bad to fly this year, enter peak period now, paper value is not continued very hard bullish.

A lot of evidence also evidence “ double 11 ” and the Mid-autumn Festival take flourishing really the demand that pack. Rip, the order for goods that the electric business such as paper box elder brother packs Xin Rui soars, dispatched almost total force comes to those who pack ensure supply. And the day of Guangdong yuan, the order of packing companies of a few famous cable business such as Fu Rong, Ao Huiquan all magnifies apparently.

When the river rises the boat goes up too, paper price soars drive paper to taste rise in price. So commonPlane boxAbout one yuan, want 34 money now. Home appliance packs used big paper case last year 8.6 yuan, now is 15.6 yuan. More those who have a headache is, as a result of paper value a day a price, pack presswork the enterprise cannot quote well and truly to the client even.

As a result of coal, steely, coloured, chemical industry, yuan parts of an apparatus, pack etc all sorts of raw material are rising considerably, add demand inadequacy to bring about rise cost conducts difficulty to consumptive end, the terminal client face that pack is facing all-time pressure. The employer of the industry that pack that one does not disclose a full name formerly to small write report, the client is very difficult also now, besides wanting to assure the supply of material, think method is reduced even purchase cost. One appears on the market enterprise, every month packs purchase to be less than 200 thousand, in base paper mad below the circumstance that go up, company president lends his name personally seek the supplier that has price advantage more, and claim can accept 5-8% at most rise extent.