AR (enhance reality) technology: Let user and pack dialog

Published on 2018-11-26

AR(enhances reality) the square respect aspect that the technology had pervaded people to live, pack not exceptional also. What coke of Coke Cola, 100 things rolls out applied AR black science and technology eagerly is new pack, in conventional bag mount plays gave new pattern. So, why can AR sale become so fire? Why is well-known trademark packed in the product in succession in attempt AR technology? What did AR technology bring to the industry that pack?

   The biggest change information dimension to spend

Pack included information traditionally finite, present a form more onefold also, because be packed the limitation of dimension and memory size, the message that package needs to cut and enter a text continuously. But after wrapping mount to use AR technology, the content that shows as a result of its is digitlization, carrier is mobile phone, flat or AR glasses, the product that can contain approximately infinite amount is relevant information.

Additional, the tradition is packed basically is to presswork the form of character and flat picture, AR technology can upgrade his to establish bodily form formula for 3D from 2D plane, invite customer thereby can more intuitionistic, vivid, in the round understanding product. For instance, when the packing box that aims chocolate of card of “ sun ” when process of use AR application, will show complete chocolate product information, and be every kinds of chocolate made detailed explanatory note.

Combine AR technology, the dimension that pack is spent be able to expand, it is the change that behaves a form not only, the information content that its can carry is nonexistent upper limit, giant information content is absorbed mean AR to pack can show customer with more fascinating pattern.

   Interactive change brand transmission

In product height coessential change, lack otherness now, enterprise more and more favour undertakes innovating in product package mount. Trendy AR technology suits the brand enterprise of vogue, vigor to use very much, use the one side of feeling in order to highlight its, additionally the tall interactive sex of AR is mixed it is OKer to participate in a gender capture is young the heart of consumer. Here, AR technology rose to let pack the activator effect that has alternant sex.

2013, coke Cola and shed media music to serve platform Spotify collaboration, turned coke body into player of a music. User people download AR application, to coke bottle scanning, can appear an earphone overlay is on coke bottle, can free listens the song of before the rank on musical pop chart 50. Data statistic, share 75 thousand user to download AR of use Coke Cola to apply, undertake experience and be participationed, the activity of sales promotion of 2 dimension code that before comparing, Coke Cola includes mount promoted 300% . 2014 christmas, coke Cola put unreal of demon of “ Coke Cola on ”AR application in American city Armenia. The user takes bottle of coke of mobile phone scanning, can appear the 3D that drinking coke is fictitious santa Claus, still can with user group photo, place all sorts of poses. According to statistic, inside a month that this AR advertisement puts in, application of demon unreal AR downloads an amount to be achieved 50 thousand times, share 250 thousand user to search relevant statement.

Kang Mei of group of SIG of Switzerland of tycoon of the global industry that pack wraps the global product manager of the company to express: “ more is interactive content, consumer produces resonance more likely, produce active impression to the brand. Pass the help of AR, of the brand possessory the chance that can increase to be contacted with consumer, become more close with the relation of consumer, final, can arise to the brand long, active redound. ”

  Recreation changes sale method

AR can be modelled give a kind of brand-new sale pattern, use at transmitting product information, undertake adjustment in the light of environment, individual, time, position, make the mutual correspondence, content that has interactive sex, leave the line to become more close together with the sale on the line.

Apply strangely anew begin, arrive again recreation, retail application is in the AR in packing to grow continuously. What differ with other technology trend is, the organic world that AR relies on an user goes experiencing true the fun that joins with digitlization, it also needs the design that a blame that can develop continuously digitlizes more.

Besides the basic function of the product, the user chooses a goods or the reason of the service is amused greatly, interesting. Become the main force that the society consumes gradually as the ” after “90, this kind of trend is even more clear. AR technology can join interesting game experience in pack, with a kind relaxed and interesting kind attracts customer. Cite a case, 2010 during the world cup, the user tastes guest potato with mobile phone scanning piece pack, can play football game, a lot of fan were attracted at that time.